1. What is the purpose of triage?
    • provide organization for pts seeking healthcare
    • clients with highest acuity needs receive treatment first
  2. What is emergent?
    • life threatening situation-
    • respiratory distress, CP with diaphoresis, acive hemorrhage, unstable VS
  3. What is urgent?
    • needs treatment soon, but is not life-threatening-
    • severe abd pain, renal colic, displaced or multiple fx, complex or multiple soft tissue injuries, new onset respiratory infection
  4. What is nonurgent?
    • can wait several hours without serious deterioration-
    • skin rash, strains/sprains, colds, simple fx
  5. What is meant by mass casulalty?
    • military form of triage
    • focus is to achieve the greatest number of lives saved with the resources available
    • ranked by emergent, urgent, nonurgent, expectant, and by class I-IV
  6. Emergent, Class I
    • red tag
    • life threatening injury - needs immediate intervention
  7. Urgent, Class II
    • yellow tag
    • major injuries - immediate attention
  8. Nonurgent, Class III
    • green tag
    • minor injuries - doesn't require immediate intervention
  9. Expectant, Class IV
    • black tag
    • expected to die and will be allowed to die
  10. Triage evaluation
    • check airway/breathing
    • check bleeding/circulation
    • check mental status
    • open airway - only 2 attempts
    • stop excessive bleeding
    • treat shock
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