Sectoral Final

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  1. T/F Forklifts is rear-wheel steering.
    True. Usually wheels have front wheel drive, but forklifts have rear wheel drive
  2. T/F. Forklift is most stable when loaded
    False. Especially unstable when loaded and when turning
  3. What are top two reasons for forklift fatalities?
    • 1. Crushed by tipping vehicle
    • 2. Crushed between vehicle and surface
    • 3. Crushed between two vehicles
  4. Top three reasons for forklift accidents?
    • 1. Tipover
    • 2. Struck by powered industrial truck
    • 3. Struck by falling load
  5. Top forklift killers are...
    • 1. forklift overturns
    • 2. nearby workers struck by forklift
    • 3. victim crushed by forklift
    • 4. fall from forklift
  6. What percentage of accidents are at least in part, caused by inadequate training?
  7. Training program must contain all of the follwing unless employer can demonstrate topics are not applicable:
    • truck related topics
    • workplace related topics
    • the requirements of the standard
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