17.1 dogs and cats

  1. anorexia
    lack of appetite
  2. anthropomorphism
    attributing human qualities to nonhuman organisms
  3. auscultation
    the act of listening for sounds in an animals body, using a stethoscope
  4. behavioral modification
    technique that attempts to change actions without emphasizing motivations or inner conflicts
  5. bench show
    competition during which animals are kept leashed at specific place on platform while not being exhibited in ring
  6. bitch
    female dog
  7. calico
    cat having patches of black and orange on white
  8. canine distemper (infectious canine distemper)
    viral disease of dogs, associated with respiratory, digestive or neurologic symptoms
  9. canine parainfluenza
    viral disease of dogs causing coldlike or flulike symptoms
  10. canine parvovirus
    viral disease of dogs causing severe vomiting and diarrhea
  11. canis familiaris
    genus and species name of dogs
  12. carnivore
    member of order Carnivora; meat eater
  13. castration
    removal of testes; orchiectomy
  14. catheterization
    passage of tube into body for evacuating or injecting fluids
  15. cryptorchid
    individual with one or both testes not descended into scrotum
  16. cystitis
    inflammation of urinary bladder
  17. dam
  18. declawing
    removal of part or all of bone containing claw; onychectomy
  19. dental prophylaxis
    preventitive treatment of teeth and supporting structures by removal of plaque
  20. dewclaw
    first (most medial) digit; both dogs and cats normally have front dewclaws, and cats and most breeds of dogs lack rear dewclaws
  21. diagnosis
    the identification of a disease or condition by scientific evaluation of physical signs, symptoms, history and laboratory tests
  22. dog
    male dog; also general name for canine species
  23. domestic short hair (DSH)
    most common breed of cat in the United States
  24. dominant
    commanding or controlling of others
  25. DSH
    domestic short hair cat
  26. dystocia
    difficulty giving birth
  27. ear mites
    arthropod ectoparasites of ear canal
  28. ejaculation
    ejection of semen from male urethra
  29. elimination problems
    behavioral abnormality of dogs and cats that urinate or defecate in inappropriate places
  30. estrus
    phase of estrous cycle in which female accepts male and ovulation occurs
  31. estrous cycle
    cyclic period of sexual activity in nonhuman female mammals
  32. ethology
    study of behavior of animals
  33. false pregnancy (pseudocyesis)
    condition common in dogs that mimics pregnancy
  34. feline
    adjective describing anything pertaining to cats
  35. feline calicivirus
    viral cause of upper respiratory infections in cats
  36. feline distemper
    viral disease of cats; feline panleukopenia
  37. feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV)
    viral disease if cats
  38. feline leukemia virus (FeLV)
    fatal viral disease of cats
  39. feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD)
    most common cause of cystitis in cats; formerly feline urological syndrome (FUS)
  40. feline panleukopenia (feline distemper)
    viral disease of cats causing severe vomiting and diarrhea
  41. feline rhinotracheitis
    viral cause of upper respiratory infections in cats
  42. Felis catus
    genus and species name of domestic cat
  43. fertilization
    union of egg and sperm
  44. field trial
    competition during which dogs are judged on tracking, retrieving, and hunting
  45. fleas
    arthropod ectoparasites of dogs and cats
  46. FVRCP
    common cat vaccine comination consisting of feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calcivirus, and feline panleukopenia
  47. gestation
    length of time from conception to birth
  48. heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis)
    a helminth infecting the heart of dogs and other species
  49. high rise syndrome
    group of clinical signs related to jumping from height
  50. history
    a systematic account of a patient's life and of factors that may have a bearing on its present condition
  51. Homo sapiens
    genus and species name of humans
  52. hookworm
    parasitic worm that may infest small intestine
  53. immunosuppression
    decrease of body's ability to resist disease
  54. indication
    sign or circumstance that indicates treatment of disease or certain course of action
  55. induced ovulator
    animal that ovulates only as result of sexual activity, such as cat, mink, ferret, rabbit or llama
  56. infectious canine hepatitis
    contagious viral disease of dogs
  57. inhumane
    cruel, lacking in compassion
  58. inpatient
    one who has been admitted into hospital for treatment
  59. intact
    unneutered; capable of reproduction
  60. intestinal parasite
    organism in gastrointestinal tract that lives at expense of another organism
  61. kennel cough
    upper respiratory infection in dogs caused by several microorganisms
  62. lactation
    milk production
  63. leptospirosis
    bacterial zoonotic disease of dogs
  64. leukemia
    cancer of white blood cells
  65. lordosis
    position of female cat in heat; her vertebral column assumes downward curvature
  66. magnesium
    mineral important for body function
  67. mange
    skin disease caused by mites
  68. master problem list
    part of medical record concisely listing animal's medical history
  69. match show
    sanctioned event mostly for practice; dogs are not awarded championship points or credits toward obedience awards
  70. mixed breed
    combination of two or more breeds
  71. mongrel
    a dog ineligible for registry in any recognized breed, especially a dog whose appearance gives little or no clue to its ancestry
  72. mutt
    same as a mongrel, but a more derogatory term
  73. neutering
    removal of gonads (ovaries or testes)
  74. obedience trial
    competition during which dogs are judged on their response to commands
  75. obesity
    abnormal amounts of fat on body; 20%-30% over normal weight
  76. omnivore
    animal that eats both meat and vegetables
  77. onychectomy
    declaw operation
  78. ophthalmoscope
    instrument to examine eyes
  79. orchiectomy
    removal of testes; castration
  80. otoscope
    instrument to examine ears
  81. outpatient
    animal treated without being admitted to the hospital
  82. ovariohysterectomy
    removal of ovaries and uterus
  83. ovulation
    discharge of egg from ovary
  84. palpitation
    a technique of physical examination in which the examiner uses his hands to feel the texture, size, consistency, and location of various parts of an animal's body
  85. papers
    documents showing animal's pedigree as eligible for registration in a specific breed
  86. parturition
    giving birth
  87. percussion
    a technique in physical examination of tapping an animal's body with the fingertips to evaluate the size, borders, and consistency of some internal organs and to discover the presence and evaluate the amount of fluid or gas in a body cavity
  88. periodontal disease
    disease of supporting structures of teeth including alveolar bone to which teeth are anchored
  89. pheromone
    chemical secreted by animal that influences specific patterns of behavior by other members of same species
  90. physical examination
    an investigation of an animal to determine its health using inspection, palpation, percussion, auscultation and smell
  91. plaque
    gummy mass of microorganisms that grows on crowns and spread along roots of tooth
  92. points
    ares of hair differently colored than on rest of body in Siamese, Himalayan, and similar cats; usually found on face (mask), ears, feet, tail
  93. polydactyly
    more than normal number of toes on any foot
  94. positive reinforcement
    influencing behavior by rewarding desired actions
  95. POVMR
    problem-oriented veterinary medical record; system of recordkeeping that is organized around animal's medical history and current status
  96. progesterone
    hormone important in pregnancy
  97. prognosis
    a prediction of the probable outcome of a disease based on the condition of the animal and the usual course of the disease as observed in similar situations
  98. pseudocyesis
    false pregnancy; common in dogs
  99. puberty
    period at which animal becomes capable of reproduction
  100. purebred
    an animal that is eligible for registration by a recognized breed association
  101. pyometra
    pus in the uterus
  102. queen
    female cat
  103. queening
    cat giving birth
  104. rabies
    viral disease fatally affecting central nervous system of mammals
  105. radiograph
  106. ringworm
    fungal infection of skin
  107. roundworms
    large intestinal parasites sometimes visible in animal's feces
  108. seasonally polyestrous
    animals in which frequency of estrous cycle correlates with season of year
  109. Siamese
    breed of cat with points
  110. sign
    an objective finding as percieved by an examiner
  111. sire
  112. SOAP
    acronym for subjective, objective, assessment, plan; method of organizing information on inpatient records
  113. socialization
    process of adapting individual to fit into its society
  114. spay
  115. spraying
    act of male cat discharging urine to mark territory
  116. stethoscope
    instrument to listen to sounds from within body cavity
  117. submissive
    docile, yielding
  118. symptom
    a subjective indication of a disease as percieved by a patient (usually used as synonymous with sign in veterinary medicine)
  119. tabby
    cat having stripes or spots
  120. tapeworm
    flat, segmented intestinal parasite
  121. tie
    mating behavior of dogs during which male's swollen penis is kept within vagina by muscular spasms
  122. tom
    male cat
  123. tortiseshell
    cat having black and orange hairs intermingled with each other
  124. unbenched show
    majority of dog shows, where dogs are kept with their owners in a place of their choosing when not being exhibited in ring
  125. upper respiratory infection
    viral or bacterial infection of upper airway
  126. vaccination
    to inoculate with substance to produce immunity against disease
  127. venipuncture
    blood collection from vein
  128. weaning
    gradual withdrawal of mother's milk, substituting puppy or kitten food
  129. whelping
    giving birth to puppies
  130. whipworm
    intestinal parasite
  131. zoonosis (zoonotic)
    disease transmissable between animals and humans
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