Perio and Pneumonia

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  1. What is a lower respiratory bacterial infection of the lung tissues?
  2. who is pneumonia most life threatening to?
    • elderly
    • immunocompromised
  3. ___% of all nursing home deaths are caused by pneumonia
  4. Which type of pneumonia is aspiration of bacterial infected droplets, and spread person to person?
    community trasmission
  5. What type of pneumonia is secondary infection and environmental?
    hospital acquired transmission
  6. true or false. resks are increased for pneumonia when the patients have teeth or dentures, and infrequent tooth brushing.
  7. What occurs in step one of periodontitis contributing to pneumonia?
    oral pathogens in dental plaque are shed into saliva and aspirated into lungs
  8. What occurs in step two of periodontitis contributing to pneumonia?
    • epithelial cell protection break down
    • caused by poor oral hygiene
    • increased protease release from saliva
    • accumulation of pathogenic bacteria
  9. What occurs in step 3 of periodontitis contributing to pneumonia?
    • bacterial enzyme modification:
    • altered proteins prevent binding to invasiv pathogens
  10. What occurs in step 4 of periodontitis contributing to pneumonia?
    • transmission to lungs:
    • existing perio triggers release of cytokins
    • cytokines trigger neutrophils
    • neutrophils produce Protease
  11. What modifies proteins from binding to invading pathogens?
  12. What are the only non-shedding surface in the entire body?
  13. true or false. Pts with pneumonia should avoid milk
  14. true or false. constant exposure to infected sputum and air droplest can bind to calc/biofilm leading to destruction of periodontal structures
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