Perio and Preterm birth

  1. Preterm birth is any birth at less than ___ weeks
  2. Pre-term birth babies are small and underdevloped and have an increased risk of ___________
  3. Preterm birth babies are at increased risk for:
    Neurodevelopmental problems
    behavioral problems
    and what 3 other things?
    • learning problems
    • CVD
    • Metabolic problems
  4. Name 2 types of bacteria that are present in early perio, or progression of perio.
    • faculatative anaerobes
    • gram-positive cocci
  5. streptococci bacteria adhere to the pellicle and produce ___________. Which enhance further _________ accumulation
    • polysaccharides
    • bacterial
  6. As periodontal disease continues to progress the bacteria becomes more gram- ___________ with increasing _________ bacteria _______ rods, and ___________
    • negative
    • filamentous
    • motile
    • spirochetes
  7. Name 5 "bad" bacteria in the progression of periodontal disease continued.
    • actinomyces
    • veillonell
    • fusobacterioum
    • P. intermedia
    • P. gingivalis
  8. Inflammation of the periodontium causes the production of ___________ that enhance collagen destruction and bone resorption, and also affect the fetus
  9. true or false. Hormone alteration can worsen the progression of perio and change environment of sulcus=allowing for more pathogenic types of bacteria to grow in the plaque.
  10. How do cytokines and endotoxins enter the bloodstream and act on placental membrane?
    they enter through proliferated blood vessels
  11. The increase of what 2 hormones affects small blood vessels of gingiva leading to increased permeability to bacteria?
    • progesterone
    • estrogen
  12. Elevated crevicular fluid leveal of ____________ is associated with preterm birth
  13. What stimulates the host inflammatory response to eliminate infection?
  14. Mothers with out which immunoglobulin had higher rates of preterm deliveries?
  15. Babies with increase I__ are twice as likely to be admitted to the NICU and three times more likely to stay for more than seven days
  16. List 5 bacteria of Mature biofilm - Orange complex
    • campylobacter rectus
    • fusobacterium nucleatum
    • peptostreptococcus micros
    • prevotella intermedia
    • prevotella nigrescence
  17. List 3 aggressive bacteria - red complex
    • porphyromonas gingivalis
    • tennerella forsythenis
    • trepenema denticola
  18. Active Perio may account for ___% of all preterm/low birth weight babies. Which is more significant than smoking or alcohol
  19. true or false. Women should have a perio evaluation before considering pregnancy
  20. Oral infections from the mother that breach the placenta and trigger an immune and inflammatory response in the fetus may account for ___% of premature birhts
  21. A higher percentage of fetal cord blood samples from preterm infants (20%) are positive for ______ _______ than those obtained from term infancts (6.3%)
    • IgM
    • C. rectus
  22. true or false. Bum disease exerts a negative influence of fertility that is of the same order of magnitude as obesity. It increases the time it takes to get pregnant.
  23. It takes women with gum disease about ___ months longer to get pregnant.
  24. _____ of women experience pregnancy gingivitis.
  25. Women may experience increased gingivitis or preganacy gingivitis beginning in the ___ or ___ month of pregnancy that increases in severity through the 8th month
    • 2nd
    • 3rd
  26. true or false. Pregnancy tumors are usually painless, but may require removal by periodontist.
  27. What is another name for pregnancy tumor?
    pyogenic granuloma
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