General Science

  1. Unicellular and colonial--including the true bacteria (eubacteria) and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae).

    One cell organsims that don't have a Nucleas.
    Kingdom Monerans and viruses
  2. Complex, many-celled organisms that don't photosynthesize(use light to create energy). Mushrooms are the most famous.
    Kingdom Fungi (100,000 species)
  3. One of the two largest Kingdoms. Includes many-celled organisms that, don't have cellulose walls, chlorophyll, or the capacity to convert light into energy. (photosythesis)
    Kingdom Animalia (10,000 species)
  4. One celled organisms that do have a Nucleus like the protozoa.
    Kingdom Protista (250,000 species)
  5. One of the two largest kingdoms. Includes organisms that can't move, dont have obvious nervous ot sensory systems, and possess cellulose cell walls.
    Kingdom Plantae (250,000 species)
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General Science
The five-kingdom system of classification for living organisms