Ecology Chapter 20 Mr. Irvine

  1. Plant-Prey Adaptations
    Thorns, Poisenous
  2. Three types of Symbiosis
    Parasitism, Mutualism, Commensalism
  3. Secondary Succession
    The sequential replacement of species that follows disruption of an existing community.
  4. Primary Succession
    Is the developmental of a community in an area that has not supported life preciously.
  5. Identify 4 possible results of interspecific competition
    Character displacement, reduced niche size, competitive exclusion, resource partitioning
  6. Species Richness
    the number of species in a community
  7. species evenness
    the relative abunance of each species
  8. Mutualism
    both organisms benefit from each other
  9. Parasitism
    one organism lives off of another
  10. competition
    when two or more organisms use the same limited resources
  11. species richness and lattitude
    the closer a community is to the equator, the more species it contains
  12. species richness and community stability
    a number of organisms may depend on a certain type of disturbance to survive
  13. species richness and habitat size
    larger areas usually contain more species than smaller areas
  14. species richness and species interactions
    studies have demonstrated that predators can prevent competative exclusion in their prey
  15. How do Mutualism and Commensalism differ? Give Examples.
    Mutualism is when bother organisms are helped and commensalism is when 1 organism is helped and the other is neither helped nor harmed.

    Mutualism: Ants and Acacia plants

    Commensalism: Cattle Egrets and Cape Buffaloes
  16. How are parasites similar to predators?
    One organism is harmed while the other benefits
  17. Commensalism
    one organism beefits while the other is neither helped nor harmed
  18. Competitive Exclusion
    Two species that compete for the exact same resources cannot stably coexist
  19. Predation
    an individual of one species eats all or part of any individual of another species
  20. Predator Adaptations
    sticky webs for spiders, sharp teeth, speed
  21. Animal-Prey Adaptations
    Mimicry, poisen
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