Chapter 12 Health Assesment

  1. What is plagiocephaly?
    flat occipital prominence it results from putting infants on their back
  2. What is Goiter?
    enlarged thyroid. common in areas where there is limited iodine. significant problem in china and india.
  3. while observing the movements of head, face and eyes: Jerky movements or tics can be the result of???
    Neurologic or psychologic disorders
  4. While palpating the head and scalp consider what abnormalities?
    swelling, edema, any tenderness or masses which will require further evaluation.
  5. While confirming the skin and tissue integrity what should be noted as abnormals?
    any alteration in skin or tissue integrity related to ulcerations, rashes, discolorations, or swelling.
  6. While auscultating the temporal artery what should be considered abnormal?
    A bruit is indicative of stenosis (narrowing) of the vessel/
  7. While testing the range of motion what should be considered abnormal?
    any limitation of movement or tenderness on movement requires further evaluation. Crepitation would be abnormal.
  8. what is crepitation?
    a crackling sound on movement may indicate a joint problems.
  9. what is normal range of motion?
    you should feel slight indentation of the joint. soft clicking noises on movement are heard and are considered normal.
  10. while inspecting a face what is normal?
    symmetry, the top of the pinae of the ear should be at the level of the outer canthi of the eyes.
  11. while palpating the head and scalp what is normal?
    no tenderness with palpation
  12. while confirming the skin and tissue integrity what is normal?
    the skin should be intact
  13. while palpating the temporal artery what is normal?
    the artery should feel smooth.
  14. an alternate method for assesing an obese patient for the neck includes using a
    doppler stethoscope to assess the pulses.
  15. what is normal while inspecting the neck for the skin color, integrity, shape and symmetry?
    neck held erect with no tremors
  16. what is abnormal while inspecting the neck for the skin color, integrity, shape and symmetry?
    • rigid neck which indicates arthritis.
    • -Inability to hold the neck erect may be due to muscle spasms.
    • -Swelling of the lymph nodes indicates infection and requires further assesment.
  17. what is normal while testing the range of motion of the neck?
    no pain and no limitation of the movement
  18. what is abnormal while testing the range of motion of the neck?
    any pain or limitation of movement could indicate arthritis, muscle spasm, or inflammation. rapid movement and compression of the cerebral vertebrae may cause dizziness.
  19. what are the abnormals while observing the juglar veins and carotid arteries ?
    any distention or prominence may indicate a vascular disorder
  20. What is normal while palpating the trachea?
    • trachea should be midline and the distance to the sternocleidomastoid muscles on each side should be equal.
    • -Confirm that the hyoid bone and tracheal cartilaes move when the client swallows.
  21. what is abnormal while palpating the trachea?
    tracheal displacement is the result of masses in the neck or mediastinum, peumothorax, or pulmonary fibrosis.
  22. the thyroid gland is not observable normally until the client?
  23. If the client has any enlargement of the thyroid or masses near the thyroid they appear as .......
    bulges when the client swallows.
  24. Normally when palpating the thyroid gland from behind the client would you feel the thyroid gland?
    No, you may be able to feel the isthmus and fullness of the thyroid as it moves up upon swallowing.
  25. an enlarged thyroid gland may be due to
    a metabolic disorder such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. palpable masses of 5mm or larger are alterations in health.
  26. is enlarged thyroid normal in pregnant women?
    yes it is normal, most pathologic hyperthyroidism in pregnancy is caused by Graves' disease.
  27. what is Grave's disease?
    an autoimmune disorder that causes increased production of thyroid hormones.
  28. the presence of bruit is normal or abnormal?
    it is an abnormal finding and is an indication of increased blood flow.
  29. enlargement of lymph nodes is called
    lymphadenopathy which can be due to infection. allergies or a tumor.
  30. what is a classic migraine?
    • usually preceded by an aura during which the client may feel depressed, restless, or irritable.
    • see spots or flashes of light; feel nauseated or experience numbing or tingling in the face or extremities.
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