1. Disease specific Death Rates
    # death due to spc disease /Population at risk
  2. Crude Death Rates
    # death in pop during the year / Average population size
  3. Rates
    • •Rate is a proportion that is
    • specified in time, thus a rate for disease would be
  4. Proportions
    • •A proportion is a ratio where the numerator “a” is part
    • of the denominator
  5. Ratio
    • •A ratio is made of 2 elements, the numerator “a” and
    • the denominator “b”.
  6. Age specific Death Rates
    # death among persons in a given age group / Population size in given age group
  7. Case Fatality Rate
    # death due to spc disease / Total number of people with disease
  8. Proportionate Mortality
    # death due to spc disease/ Total number of death from all diseases
  9. Maternal Mortality Rate
    # death due to puerperal causes / Total number of live births
  10. Incidence Rate =
    # NEW cases of disease / population at Risk of disease
  11. Prevalence Rate =
    # EXISITING cases of disease / TOTAL population
  12. Crude Birth Rate =
    # live births / Total Population
  13. General Fertility Rate
    # live births / Total # of women in childbearing age
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