11/16/11 Africa

  1. When did the Dutch East India company establish cape town?
  2. What did they grow in Cape town?
    • citrus crops
    • vineyards
  3. Who did the Dutch East India Company send down to take care of the crops in cape town?
    the Boers (dutch farmers)
  4. What are the children of Boers and natives called?
  5. What was the name of the calvinist believing people?
  6. Where did Calvin do his work?
  7. What kind of leader was Calvin?
    a dictator
  8. What 3 different countries did Calvanists disperse to?
    • America
    • Germany
    • South Africa
  9. What kind of work did Hugeunots do?
    they were farmers like the Boers
  10. When you put the Boers and the Hugeunots together you get what people?
  11. What language did the Afrikaners make up?
  12. What different languages came together to make Afrikaans?
    • flemish
    • french
    • clicking
  13. What interesting belief did the Afrikaners have about the story of Ham and Noah?
    • Sham's people stayed in the Middle East
    • Japheth went to Europe
    • Ham's people went South and became the colored
  14. What did they believe about the relationship between the Africans and the Europeans?
    • the Africans had a curse on them
    • the Europeans were superior
  15. Why did the British take over the Cape of Good Hope and Natal?
    because the Napoleanic Wars were going on and they didn't want the Afrikaners to side with him
  16. What areas of South Africa did the British take over when the Napoleanic Wars were going on?
    • The Cape of Good Hope
    • Natal
  17. Why didn't the British like the Afrikaners?
    because they didn't like the Afrikaners belief of the Blacks
  18. What was it called when the Afrikaners went inland in 1836?
    The Great Trek
  19. Why did the Afrikaners go inland?
    they decided to just let the British have the coastline because they were much stronger
  20. How many families went on the Great Trek?
    5,000 families
  21. What was the battle fought between the Afrikaners and the Zulus?
    the Battle at Blood River
  22. Who fought at the Battle of Blood River?
    the Afrikaners and the Zulus
  23. Where are diamonds discovered in South Africa?
  24. When are diamonds discovered in Transvaal?
  25. When was gold discovered in South Africa?
  26. What should the Boer War be called?
    the Anglo-Boer war
  27. When does the Anglo-Boer war take place?
  28. when did the Anglo-Boer war end?
  29. How did the British win the battle but lose the war in the Boer war?
    they won the war but the Afrikaners ended up getting control of the governmetn
  30. How did the Afrikaners gain control of the government in South Africa?
    • they convinced the British that the people weren't prepared to participate in government
    • the whites should go first, then colors, black, and asian
  31. Why were there Asian workers in Africa?
    the whites didn't like the African workers so they brought in Indians
  32. Where did Gandhi get his start?
    as a lawyer in South Africa
  33. How did the Afrikaners take over the government?
    • they had huge families
    • always in the majority
  34. What were created in the 1920-30's in South Africa?
    the Group Areas Acts
  35. What did the Group Areas Acts do?
    they created Apartheid
  36. Where was the most segregated place in the world?
    South Africa
  37. What cause the government of South Africa to send the Blacks back to their "homeland"?
    they got sanctioned
  38. Where did the South Africa government send the Blacks back to?
    • Bantu Stations
    • like an Indian Reserve
  39. Who was a huge leader in South Africa during the time of Apartheide?
    Nelson Mandela
  40. How many whites are there for every 12 Africans and Asians in South Africa?
    1 white
  41. What is South Africa number one in the whole in?
    • diamonds
    • gold
    • platnium
  42. What is the huge company for diamonds in South Africa?
    Daberes Company
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