1. Thompson's Test (Achillies Tendon Rupture Test)
    • Prone, foot off edge of table:
    • Action: Squeeze gastroc and soleus *note plantarflexion
  2. Plantar Fascitis Test
    • Seated or Supine with test foot off table:
    • Action: Dorsiflex ankle + extend toes, PRESS into plantar fascia with thumb
  3. Anterior Drawer (ligament test)
    • Supine, foot off table, 20 degrees of plantar flexion:
    • Action: Hold distal tibia against table, pull calcaneous anteriorly
  4. Talar Tilt (ligament test)
    • Seated
    • Action: Hold/fixate calcaneus, tilt talus into inversion, eversion
  5. Homan's Test (Vascular test)
    • Prone, foot off table
    • Action: Push fingers into calf + dorsiflex
  6. Morton's Neuroma (neurological test)
    • Seated
    • Action: Grasp posterior ankle, squeeze metatarsals
    • * impinges digital nerves branching from the deep peroneal nerve
  7. Tinel's Sign (neurological)
    • Seated
    • Action for Deep Peroneal Nerve:
    • Tap on Dorsum on foot (btwn medial and lateral malleolus)

    • Action for Posterior Tibial Nerve:
    • Tap around posterior aspect of medial malleolous
    • * FDL, FHL
  8. Compression test for Stress fractures of Tibia
    • Seated:
    • Action: Squeeze tibia and fibula down the leg
  9. Concussion Test
    • Seated:
    • Action: Stabalizing foot with one hand, hit their heel with the other
  10. Injuries & Conditions:
    Achilles Tendinitis
    • Running and Jumping
    • *tibia varum
    • pain on passive dorsiflexion
    • painful and weak on plantarflexion RIT
  11. Injuries & Conditions:
    Peroneal Tendinitis
    • *pes cavus / supinated foot
    • pain on passive dorsiflexion, also with MLT dflx'ing
    • Pain and weak with plfx RIT and eversion
  12. Injuries & Conditions:
    posterior tibial tendinitis
    • *pronated foot
    • pain with plantarflexing, inversion or streching (dorsiflexion and everting)
    • pain and weak: resisted plantarflexion & inversion
  13. Injuries & Conditions:
    Anterior tibial tendinitis
    • *excessive downhill running, down the exterior retinaculum of ankle
    • painful contracting tib ant: (dorsiflexion/inversion)
    • painful steching tib ant:
    • passive plantarflexion with eversion
  14. Injuries & Conditions:
    Shin Splints- anterolateral (tib ant)
    (Lateral Tibial Stress Syndrome)
    Posteromedial ( Tib Post)
    (Medial tibial stress syndrome)
    • TIB ANT*pronated foot
    • pain with contracting and streching tib ant

    TIB POST Painful contracting (plfx and inversion), ainful streching (dfx and everting)
  15. Injuries & Conditions:
    Plantar Fascitis
    • *pes cavus, excessive pronation
    • pain on plantarflexion (strehing) and walking on the heels (dorsiflexion)
    • Pain and weak on toe flexion
  16. Injuries & Conditions:
    Retro Calcaneal Bursitis (inflmm of bursa btwn achillies tendon and calcaneus)
    pain with plantarflexion (contracting), dorsiflexion (stretching)
  17. Injuries & Conditions:
    tarsal tunnel syndrome

    • Compression of posterior tibial nerve
    • worse standing/night
    • Positive Tinel's sign
  18. Injuries & Conditions:
    Peroneal Nerve Palsy
    • Bed ridden, legs crossed, *foot drop (common peroneal nerve)
    • weakness of dorsiflexion and very weak eversion (superficial peroneal), Deep peroneal- weak dfx and toe extension
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