Bus Guide 1 EMER & GNADIRS

  1. Flight Deck Emergency Equipment

    What emergency equip is located on the flight deck?
    • 4 Oxy masks/smoke goggles
    • 4 Life vests
    • 4 Fire fighting items: Axe, Halon Extinguisher, PBE, Gloves
    • 2 Escape ropes
    • 2 Flashlights
  2. GNADIRS Panel

    Explain the ADIRS power-up and initialization process.
    • Switch from OFF to NAV.
    • Observe the ON BAT light illuminate then extinguish.
    • Observe the white ALIGN light illuminate for the duration of the alignment process.
  3. GNADIRS Panel

    When you turn the mode selectors to NAV, what are you looking for on the GNADIRS Panel?
    Ensuring that each ADIRU has the ability to revert to aircraft batteries by observing the "BAT" light iluminating for several seconds.
  4. GNADIRS Panel

    What is the importance of observing the ON BAT light?
    It tests the ADIRS ability to revert to battery power.
  5. GNADIRS Panel

    What are some indications of an ADIR having reverted to battery power on the ground?
    • External horn will sound.
    • An ADIR and the blue AVNCS light will illuminate on the External Power Panel.
  6. GNADIRS Panel

    How long will each ADIRU stay on battery power?
    ADIRS 2 & 3 will remain on battery power for 5 minutes to hold alignment until a generator can be restored. ADIRU 1 (ADIRU 3 if Captain selected ATT HDG CAPT 3) will remain on battery power until generator power is restored or the aircraft batteries fail.
  7. GNADIRS Panel

    What information is provided by the "IR" units (FAT HAAG)?
    • Flight path vector
    • Aircraft position
    • Track

    • Heading
    • Attitude
    • Acceleration
    • Ground speed
  8. GNADIRS Panel

    What information is provided by the "ADR" units (BOATS)?
    • Barometric altitude
    • Overspeed warnings
    • AOA
    • Temperatures
    • Speed/Mach
  9. GNADIRS Panel

    What does a steady white ALIGN light indicate?
    The respective IR is in the Align mode.
  10. GNADIRS Panel

    What does a flashing white ALIGN light indicate?
    No present position entered within 10 minutes of NAV selection (No postion)

    Difference of 1 degree Lat/Long between shutdown and entered position (Wrong position)

    IR alignment fault (Aircraft moved)
  11. GNADIRS Panel

    Significance of extinguished IR lights?
    The Alignment process is completed.
  12. GNADIRS Panel

    How do you fast align an IR?
    Select the IR mode selectors OFF momentarily (not more than 5 seconds) then back ON.
  13. GNADIRS Panel

    What does steady illumination of the amber IR FAULT light indicate?
    A fault is affecting the respective IR.
  14. GNADIRS Panel

    What does flashing illumination of the amber IR FAULT light indicate?
    Attitude and Heading may be recovered in ATT mode (you have lost the navigation portion).
  15. GNADIRS Panel

    What does the amber ADR FAULT light indicate?
    A fault is detected in the Air Data Reference portion.
  16. GNADIRS Panel

    Can the IR be turned OFF without losing the ADR functions?
  17. GNADIRS Panel

    Does turning the IR to OFF also turn off the ADR?
  18. GNADIRS Panel

    Can you turn the ADR OFF and still have the IR functions?
  19. GNADIRS Panel

    What would be missing on the Captain's PFD if IR 1 failed or was turned OFF?
    Attitude and navigation information.
  20. GNADIRS Panel

    What action would recover the attitude and navigation information?
    Selecting CAPT 3 on the EIS switching panel ATT/HDG selector.
  21. GNADIRS Panel

    What information must be input when the IR is in ATT?
    Input Heading (ex. 180.0) on the IR panel or MCDU IRS Monitor Page every 10 minutes.
  22. GNADIRS Panel

    With the loss of ADR 1, what would be lost on the Captains PFD?
    Airspeed & Altitude information.
  23. GNADIRS Panel

    What would restore the lost altitude and airspeed information on the Captain's PFD with the loss of ADR 1?
    Selecting CAPT 3 on the EIS Switching Panel AIR DATA Selector.
  24. GNADIRS Panel

    Describe a post flight ADIRU accuracy check.
    Select Position Monitor Page and verify position deviation is < 5 nm for ea. ADIRU.

    Verify residual ground speed on ea. ND (ATT HDG CAPT 3 for IR 3) is < 15 kts (FCOM 3.03.25)
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