11/02/11 Africa

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  1. in what ways is Egypt a pivotal point?
    • has an islamic culture
    • it is technically in North Africa
  2. What kind of writings did Egypt have?
  3. How did Egyptian writing turn into Hieroglyphics?
    they evolved from Pictographs
  4. What stone did Napoleon bring back to Europe from Egypt?
    the Rosetta Stone
  5. The story on the Rosetta stone was written in what 3 languages?
    • old greek
    • middle greek
    • hieroglyphics
  6. How did they interpret the Rosetta stone?
    they knew old greek and middle greek so they could interpret the hieroglyphics
  7. When were the pyramids built?
    2007-2008 BC
  8. When was Egypt at its greatest?
    1500 BC
  9. What were Egypt's contributions?
    • writings
    • shipping
    • religion
    • exploring
  10. What was the evidence that Egypt could have made it across the Atlantic?
    A man made an Egyptian boat that he found on a wall and he took it across the Atlantic
  11. Where did Persia go from?
    India all the way to Egypt
  12. What were the contributions of the Persians?
    • famous builders
    • civil service
    • Created the pony express
  13. How many capitals did Persia have?
  14. How many monetary systems did Persia have?
    only one
  15. What is Persia now?
    Modern Day Iran
  16. What are the religions of the Middle East?
    • Judaism
    • Zoroastrianism
    • Islam
  17. Where are most religions in the Middle East?
  18. What country turned over the a one god system at one point?
    • Egypt
    • they speculate it was during the time of Moses
  19. What are the special writings of Judaism?
    • Pentateuch
    • Old Testament
  20. What is Zoroastrianism based on?
    the teachings of Zoroaster the Persian
  21. What is the Holy book of Zoroastrianism?
  22. Who do the Zorastrians stole their Avasta?
    the Jewish people with their bible
  23. Who wrote a book on a Persian diplomat?
    Gore Bigol
  24. When did the Persian diplomat travel around the world?
    500 BC
  25. who did the Persian diplomat talk to when he travelled around the world?
    • Socrates
    • Daniel
    • Zoroaster
    • Buddha
    • Confucius
    • Laozi
    • Muhammad
  26. Where do most murders take place in America?
    within the family
  27. Who is the forefather of Islam?
  28. How have Muslims strayed away from God?
    Becoming materialistic
  29. What is one of the most famous cities for the Islamic faith?
  30. Why is Mecca famous in the Islamic faith?
    sacred things happened to Hagar and Ishmael
  31. What house of worship did they build in Mecca?
  32. When was the ka'aba descecrated?
    600 AD
  33. How many different religions were in the ka'aba before it was destroyed?
    360 religions
  34. what percentage of countries are in the African continent?
  35. What are some characteristics of Muhammad's family?
    • his wife was an older woman
    • he had 4 daughters
  36. What was Muhammad's wife's job?
    famous caravan owner
  37. Who visited Muhammad in the caves as he meditated?
  38. Who were the few people that converted to Islam while Muhammad was the prophet?
    • His wife
    • Abu Bakr
  39. When does Muhammad flee?
    622 AD
  40. What is significant about the date 622 AD to Muslims?
    it is the 0 on the Islamic calendar
  41. Where did Muhammad flee to?
  42. What is Medina?
    a trading center
  43. How long did he stay in Medina?
    10-11 years
  44. Who wrote down the words that Gabriel said to Muhammad?
    Abu Bakr
  45. Why couldn't Muhammad write the koran himself?
    he was illiterate
  46. What are the 3 universal religions of the world?
    • Christianity
    • Islam
    • Buddhism
  47. What factor do people think affects the fact that middle east with monotheism?
    a desert environment
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