Criminal Justice midterm

  1. what is the uniform Crime Report?
    A statistical summary of crimes reported to the police, then reported to the FBI
  2. what is mens rea?
    If a person has a guilty mind or a blameworthy state of mind
  3. what is the exclusionary rule
    when illegally obtained evidence is excluded at trial
  4. an officers demeanor and behavior are
    the most important elements in determining if citizens will respect and obey officers during an encounter
  5. Police work is reactive which means
    police respond to citizens calls for service
  6. the right to an attorney is what
    part of the miranda warnings given to arrested suspects
  7. what did the supreme court decide in Tennessee v. Gardner (1985)?
    The supreme court riled that police are not to use deadly force in apprehending unarmed fleeing felons
  8. It is legal for public police officers to work for private security firms and they retain their powers and status as police personnel? True/False?
  9. what is the crime control model?
    A model that makes greater use of incarceration, longer sentencing, mandatory sentences and strict supervision of probationers and parolees
  10. In the case of Mapp v. Ohio (1961), the supreme court
    created the exclusionary rule as it related to unreasonable search and seizures
  11. preventing crime is a goal of what?
    the american criminal justice system
  12. criminal justice officials are limited by the constitutional rights of individuals? True/false
  13. discretion exists, and its use limits the values of the american system true false?
  14. very few suspects who are arrested are then prosecuted, tried and convicted? True/False
  15. what does the routine activities theory explain?
    why some people are more likely to be victimized than others
  16. in 2005, President George W. Bush appointed which of the following two individuals to the Supreme Court?
    John Roberts and Samuel Alito
  17. Right to a Grand Jury has not been what?
    nationalized upon the states
  18. according to the supreme court police can use deadly force when?
    a fleeing suspect poses a significant threat of death or serious injury to the public
  19. "grass eaters" are police officers who?
    regularly accept payoffs that the routines of police work bring their way.
  20. tennessee v. garner struck down the " " rule
    Fleeing Felon
  21. police officers who act improperly must be responsible for their actions. This is known as:
    civil accountability
  22. Why is the Public image of the police important?
    police need citizen cooperation to investigate crime
  23. if a citizen gives a police officer consent to search his or her property, then
    the officer no longer needs a search warrant
  24. why does the Fifth amendment contain the privilege against self-incrimination?
    to discourage police officers from using violent or coercive means to get suspects to confess
  25. how does the U.S. supreme court define a "search"?
    an action by a law enforcement official that intrudes upon people's "reasonable expectations of privacy"
  26. all arrests must be supported by
    probable cause
  27. what is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation?
  28. the exclusionary rule was created by the judiciary to prevent police misconduct? true or false?
  29. In what community would you most likely find the service style of policing?
    middle class suburban
  30. the book fixing broken windows hypothesized that:
    focusing on minor offenses would reduce violent crime
  31. what are three historical periods of policing?
    political, Professional and community model
  32. these units from the core of the modern police department
    patrol and investigation
  33. Lacking a chain of command, police officers make decisions "on the street" with no input from supervisors does not help define the police bureaucratic system? True or False
  34. what are the two elements that define a police officer's working personality?
    danger and authority
  35. what activity do officers usually spend the most time doing in the course of a shift?
    Free Patrol
  36. In how many instances does rapid police response really make a difference?
    a small fraction
  37. which of the following is NOT a function of a well-organized police department?
    -clear lines of authority

    -division of labor

    -each working separately to achieve goals

    - unity of command

    - link duties with appropriate authority
    each working separately to achieve goals
  38. what is an example of proactive strategy?
    undercover work
  39. why is accreditation a valid method of increasing officer accountability?
    departments must meet national standards on officer behavior
  40. force usually involves an officer's weapon? true/false
  41. Proponents of the Rotten Apple theory of police corruption believe that?
    a few rotten apples in a police department should not taint an entire police force
  42. why are some Americans critical of the USA patriot Act?
    it increases the ability of the government to conduct warrantless searches and wiretaps
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