spinal cord

  1. layers that comprise the spinal meningies
    dura mater,subdural layer,arachnoid mater(thin delecate),subarachnoid space, pia mater
  2. what protects the spinal cord
    vertebrae,meningies,epideral spac(between the vertebra and dura mater)
  3. how many segments does the spinal cord contain?
  4. how far into the vertebral column does the spinal cord extend
    L3/L4 L4/L5
  5. whats the purpose of the filum terminale?
    spinal cord 2 coccyx
  6. how many pairs of spinal nerves are there
    31 pairs
  7. why does the cervical and lumbar enlargments exsist
    more nerve fibers and cross section anatomy
  8. how is grey matter arranged in spinal cord
    towards the center, arranged into horns(anterior lateral and posterior)
  9. how is white matter arranged in spinal cord
    • towards outside
    • -arranged into columns(also called funiculus)
    • (anterior,posterior,lateral)
  10. label diagram
    Image Upload 1
  11. whats the purpose of sensory and motor nuclei that r within the gray matter?
    sensory nuclei 1) somatic -tactile sensations 2)visceral-info from organ systems INFO RECEPTORS -> BRAIN
  12. what is the purpse of sensory and motor nuclei that r within white matter?
    • motor nuclei visceral-motor commands to organ system
    • somatic-motor command skeletal system BRAIN-> EFFECTOR
  13. what types of neurons go thru dorsal root?
    sensory neurons merge to form spinal cord with dorsal root
  14. types of neurons thru ventricle root
    carries motor neurons form spinal cord with dorsal root
  15. dorsal root and ventricle root merge to form what?"
    dorsal root ganglion
  16. what does the dorsal root ganglion contain?
    contains cell body of the unipolar sensory neurons
  17. why is there a dorsal root ganglion but not a ventricle root ganglion?
    motor neurons r multi polar. cellbody is in grey matter
  18. what is the arrangment of anterior,posterior,and lateral white columns?
    • posterior collects from skin and muscles from back receptor-> dorsal ramus-> dorsal root-> spinal dorsal
    • ventral ramus sensory info from limbs and ventricle body wall -> receptor->ventral ramus-> dorsal root->spinal cord
  19. what info is carried in the ascending tracts and descending tracts?
    ascending is sensory info and descending motor commands
  20. difference between faciculus and fasciculus
    faciculus is a bundle of nerve fibers and fasciculus a bundle of muscle fibers
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