sterile field and gloves.txt

  1. What equipment do you need to open a sterile field and don sterile gloves?
    • package of sterile gloves
    • sterile field
    • sterile 4x4's or 2x2's
  2. What is the first thing you do before opening your sterile field?
    wash your hands

    clean surface to be used
  3. After washing hands, what type of gloves do you wear to open your field?
    regular gloves
  4. What area of the sterile field are you allowed to touch?
    outside inch
  5. If something touches the inside of your field, what should you do?
    start over
  6. After field is opened, what do you do?
    remove gloves and scrub in (surgical asepsis)
  7. How do you hold your hands while washing them for surgical asepsis?
    keep hands above elbows at all times
  8. How long do you wash your hands for surgical asepsis?
    7-10 minutes
  9. Approximately how far above your elbow do you wash?
    3 inches
  10. What are the 4 rules of asepsis?
    • 1.know which items are sterile
    • 2.know which items are not sterile
    • 3.separate sterile from nonsterile items
    • sterile item becomes contaminated, situation must be fixed immediately
  11. What is the purpose of a sterile field?
    to keep everything free of pathogens that could potentially infect the patient
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