TKAMB vocab 41-60

  1. facade
    the front part of anything
  2. scruntiny
    • a close careful look or study
    • close observation
  3. acrimonious
    bitter in speech,behavior, and nature
  4. benign
    • having a kindly dispotition; gracious
    • noncancerous tumor/not harmful or malevolent
  5. ambidextrous
    able to use both hands equally well or bisexual
  6. melancholy
    a gloomy state of mind especially when habitual or prolonged; depression
  7. wane
    • 1. to show a progressivly smaller lighted surface as the moon does when passing from full to new
    • 2. to decrease, as in size
    • 3. to draw to a close
  8. apoplectic
    of or pertaining to a stroke
  9. palliation
    • to make (an offense or fault) seem less serious, help to excuse
    • to ease pain or force without curing
  10. integrity
    • srict personal honsety and independance
    • you know the difference between right and wrong
  11. tenet
    a basic principle,doctrine or dogma held by a person or an organization
  12. tranquil
    • free from agitation, anxiety, etc.
    • calm
    • peaceful
  13. corset
    a close-fitting undergarment, tightened by lace, worn by woman to support waist and hips
  14. chiffarobe
    a dresser with drawers on one side
  15. cynical
    distrusting or disparaging the motives of others
  16. obssure
    • not clear or seen
    • "the clouds obssured the moon"
  17. circumstantial
    • evidence not directly relevent to the facts in a leagal disput
    • heard gunshots didnt see anything
  18. vehement
    strongly emotionaly; intense or passionate
  19. eccentricity
    • an oddity or pecularity as of conduct
    • "strangness"
  20. stealthily
    quiet as if to avoid notice
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