Biography Assignment

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  1. Impeccably
    free from fault
  2. Askew
    crooked, out of line
  3. Vulnerability
    physical or emotional wound or hurt
  4. Frenzy
    extreme mental agitation; wild excitement
  5. Dubbed
    invested with a name, character, dignity, or title
  6. Fatigue
    weariness from bodily or mental exertion
  7. Cumbersome
    difficult to handle or carry
  8. Hustled
    urged or moved forawrd in a particular direction
  9. Articulated
    spoken clearly; given clear and effective utterance
  10. Protrude
    to jut or stick out
  11. Adolescence
    the years between childhood and adulthood
  12. Intricate
    having many complex interrelated parts or elements
  13. Touted
    talked up; promoted
  14. Piqued
    affected with sharp irritation
  15. Lapel
    two parts of a garment that are folded back on the chest
  16. Emanate
    to flow out; issue forth
  17. Pantomime
    gesture without speech
  18. Jaded
    weary and bored
  19. Implication
    a conclusion that can be drawn from something not clearly stated
  20. Accolade
    high praise
  21. Catastrophe
    an event causing sudden or great damage
  22. Vehemently
    expressing with a strong attitude
  23. Columnist
    a journalist who writes a regular column
  24. Sanction
    permission or approval
  25. Capitulation
    act of surrender
  26. Ambivalence
    uncertianity; fluctuation
  27. Preemptive
    taken as a measure against something anticipated
  28. Vivacious
    lively; animated
  29. Dilettante
    admirer or lover of the arts; taking up a hobby for amusement
  30. Siphoned
    drawn of liquid; taken liquid
  31. Superfluous
    unnecessary; needless
  32. Admonished
  33. Eclectic
    selecting or choosing from various sources
  34. Turniquet
    a device that forcibly compresses blood vessels or cuts of circulation
  35. Groggy
    dazed and weakened from lack of sleep
  36. Dormant
    state of rest
  37. Irate
    angry, moody
  38. Peculiar
    strange; uncommon
  39. Inept
    without skill
  40. Screening
    testing or examining for the presence of something
  41. Incumbent
    obligatory; required
  42. Blubbering
    crying or weeping noisily
  43. Exuberance
    joyously unrestrianed or enthusiastic
  44. Adamant
    unshakable; insistent
  45. Finality
    complete; irrevocable
  46. Obsolescent
    outdated; going out of use
  47. Farcical
    mockery; foolish
  48. Sprawled
    unshakable; insistent
  49. Haughty
    extremely proud or arrogant
  50. Pensively
    expressing or revealing thoughtfulness
  51. Elation
    a state of joy or pride
  52. Cheka
    Soviet secret police
  53. Gulag
    a prison camp
  54. Collectivization
    the process of reorganizing
  55. Parodies
    humorous imitations of serious pieces of literature or writing
  56. Barbiturates
  57. Ideological
    visionary or speculative
  58. Nondescript
    not easily described
  59. Affiliation
    belonging to
  60. Diversification
    the act of separating or breaking apart
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