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  1. estuary
    partialy enclosed body of water where water empties into a sea or ocean
  2. Megacity
    verry big urban area
  3. Favals
    urban slum verry poor government in megacities of south america
  4. Informational Economy
    a part of the economy where people do jobs out of there homes
  5. land locked
    completly surrounded by land with no direct access to ocean
  6. strait
    narrow passage connecting 2 large bodies of water
  7. creole
    someone with a mixed american and eoropean ancestory
  8. empire
    a land with different terratories that have a single ruler
  9. coup
    a sudden overthrow of government by a small group of people
  10. navigable
    able to traval on
  11. complitian
    lots of foregn influences
  12. chancellor
    bermen prime ministor
  13. fjord
    physical feature narrow inlit of water surrounded by high cliffs
  14. geothermal energey
    heat from the earth
  15. infrastructure
    rescorces that a government needs to support ecanomic activities
  16. nuteral
    not takeing sides in a conflict
  17. uninhabitable
    unable to support human settlement
  18. disarm
    to give up weapons
  19. magna carta
    document requireing the king england to recognize the rights of his citicens
  20. constitutional monarchy
    a type of government where a monarch is the head of state but an elected group makes laws
  21. parlamentary monarchey
    government with a king and an elected group of law makers
  22. orthodox church
    branch of christianity in eastern eorope
  23. pope
    spiritual leader of the roman cathloc church
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