Patho Exam 2 Hepatobiliary

  1. 1. What are the 5 major fxns of the liver?
    • Metabolism &/or storage of fat, CHO, protein, vitamins, and minerals
    • Blood volume reservoir (sponge)- distends/compresses to alter circulating blood volume
    • Blood filter (bad for cancer)- helps purify blood
    • Blood clotting factors- including prothrombin and fibrinogen
    • Drug metabolism and detoxification
  2. 2. Discuss LFTS: Liver Enzymes
    • Composed of ALT, AST, and Alk Phos (all exist elsewhere)
    • Abnormal trends are very increased
    • (look for relationship with bilirubin for liver specific)
  3. 3. Discuss LFTs: Bilirubin
    • Two types: conjugated and unconjugated (circulates)
    • too high (2 or above) results in Jaundice
    • Abnormal is very elevated- results in abnormal extretion (Jaundice, clay stool, dark urine)
  4. 4. Discuss LFTs: Serum Ammonia
    • Nitrogen waste
    • Abnml: Inc. Hepatoencephapopathy
  5. 5. Discuss LFTs: Serum Protein and Serum albumin
    Decrease b/c liver makea these products
  6. 6. What happens to Prothrombin time with liver problems?
    Prolonged due to coagulopathy problems
  7. 7. What is the correlation with babies and jaundice?
    Babies livers are not yet developed but do not always present with Jaundice
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