1. aburrir(se)
    to bore (get bored)
  2. alegrar(se)
    to make happy ( become happy)
  3. cansar(se)
    to tire (get tired)
  4. confundir(se)
    to confuse (become confused)
  5. deprimirse
    to get depressed
  6. enojar(se)
    to anger (get angry)
  7. estar (irreg.) celoso/a
    to be jealous
  8. llorar
  9. preocupar(se)
    to worry (become worried)
  10. reírse (i, i) (me rio)
    to laugh
  11. tener(le) (irreg.) envidia (a alguien)
    to be envious (of someone)
  12. tener(le) (irreg.) miedo (a alguien)
    to be afraid (of someone)
  13. tener (irreg.) sueño
    to be sleepy
  14. tomarse algo muy a pecho
    to take something to heart; to feel something intensely
  15. cortar(se)
    to cut (oneself)
  16. doler (ue)
    to hurt, ache
  17. enfermarse
    to get sick
  18. estar (irreg.) enfermo/a
    to be sick
  19. lastimar(se)
    to hurt (oneself)
  20. padecar (zc) de
    to suffer from
  21. poner(le) (irreg.) una inyección (a alguien)
    to give (someone) a shot
  22. respirar
    to breathe
  23. romper(se)
    to break
  24. sacar(le) (qu) sangre (a alguien)
    to draw (someone's) blood
  25. sacar (qu) la lengua
    to stick out one's tongue
  26. tener (irreg.) fiebre
    to have a fever
  27. tener (irreg.) la nariz tapada
    to have a stuffed-up nose
  28. tener (irreg.) un resfriado
    to have a cold
  29. tomar(le) la temperatura (a alguien)
    to take a (someone's) temperature
  30. examinar
    to examine
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