1. The reform efforts of the 1820s and 1830s emerged:

    A) in response to the economic and social changes of Jacksonian America.
  2. The revivals of the Second Great Awakening upheld the doctrine that:

    B) salvation was available to all.
  3. The new middle-class family:

    B) was smaller and based on the idea of privacy.
  4. The ideal of domesticity:

    A) held that women's sphere was the home and family.
  5. Transcendentalists believed that:

    D) humans had a spark of divinity that let them transcend the material world.
  6. Romanticism:

    B) considered emotion the source of truth.
  7. The Oneida community:

    D) was an extreme example of the doctrine of perfectionism
  8. The Mormon Church/Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

    B) was founded/chartered in Palmyra, NY in 1830.
  9. The temperance movement enjoyed the success it did for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

    B) it received support from the federal government.
  10. The educational reform movement:

    A) believed tax-supported public schools would promote equal opportunity.
  11. The abolitionist movement split in 1840:

    C) over the issue of women's rights.
  12. By 1840, the reform movement had:

    C) helped highlight differences between the North and the South.
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