1. Name the two ways of life and give a brief definition of each.
  2. 1. Epicurean – eat, drink and be merry
    2. Stoic – moderation in everything, find out what God wants then do it.
  3. What does 'Theism' Mean
  4. What should we focus on in life? (3pts)
    • -Each person is individually unique
    • -To be like God
    • -Focus on things that makes us like God
    • -What does God want us to change.
  5. Define Vocation
    The UNIQUE calling life of each person
  6. List four qualities that builds friendships
    Honesty, caring, trust, shared interest
  7. Explain what a stereotype is...
  8. Preconceived general statements about classes of people
  9. Explain the 'Happiness Question' as it relates to popularity, consumerism, individualism and immediate gratification.
  10. Popularity: Good – it is good to have friends
    • Popularity Bad: just trying to be popular, personality changed, lying
    • Consumerism: good: we need to eat, have shelter, clothes
    • Consumerism: bad – just wanting things
    • Individualism Good: sense of our own importance
    • Individualism Bad: All about me, what’s in it for me?
    • Immediate Gratification – if you are hungry so you eatImmediate Gratification Bad – cheat for marks to avoid everyone getting on your case
  11. Explain what are some false awarenesses
  12. · Popularity
    • · Individualism
    • · Consumerism
    • · Technological fixes
    • · Immediate Gratification
  13. What are the five steps of BEING CRITICAL
  14. 1. Be aware
    • 2. Compare what’s happening in your life every day
    • 3. Compare what’s happening to what you want to happen!
    • 4. Decide how to act
    • 5. ACT
  15. Give a definition of Criticism
  16. Criticism: the conscious assessing and judging of experience using principles, beliefs and other experience
  17. Give a definition of reflection
    Reflection: The conscious consideration of experience in the light of the purpose of life leading to wisdom.
  18. What are some limits on speaking to God?
  19. · We can not understand God unless he tells us
    • · God is the Great Mystery, the knower
    • · We really only know what He(God) reveals to us, himself
  20. What is your understanding of trust?
  21. · Trust is a feeling, when trust is destroyed the relationship is destroyed
    • · When we trust we make ourselves vulnerable
    • · We learn not to trust
    • · We trust God is good
  22. What are some other words used to describe God?
    • Father
    • Lord
    • King of the Universe
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