ANT 001

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  1. Out of Africa Hypothesis
    • - Evolved into H. erectus, and possibly H. florensis in Asia
    • - Evolved into H. heidelbergensis and then H. neanderthalensis in Europe and middle east

    Modern humans are all descended from the H. sapiens of the second migration out of Africa
  2. Migration
    60kya: people from one African population migrate to Eurasia and Asia
  3. Founder Effet
    each subsequent founder effect further reduces variation.
  4. mtDNA
    we can use the global variation in mtDNA to reconstruct a phylogeny
  5. Variation
    • -variation is gradual over geographic distances (cline).
    • -those groups who live closest to each other are more similar than those who live farther away
    • -more gene flow between nearby groups adaptation to similar environments
  6. 3 Chimpanzee population
    -East Africa (Pan trohlodytes schweinfurthi)
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