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  1. How can malignant hyperthermia be treated
  2. what cuases malignant hyperthermia?
    succinyl choline (a muscle relaxing agent that is used with anesthesia so your patient doesn't move around. it is depolarizing.)
  3. why should metformin and other oral agents be held the day of surgery?
    Metformin can cause lactic acidosis, and other can cause hypoglycemia.
  4. You are operating and you gave your patient 5cc's of 1% marcaine plain and 5cc's of 1% lidocaine plain. all you have left now is marcaine, how much can be given
    Marcaine max dose plane is 175 mg and one percent means max dose is 17.5cc's you have given 5 and can give 12.5cc's more

    Lidocaine max dose plane is 300mg.
  5. why can't Nitrous oxide be used as a general anesthetic.
    Its MAC (minimum anesthetic concentration is too high) meaning if you gave someone 100% Nitrous oxide they would not be anesthetized but would suffocate.
  6. how can parasympathetic outflow be removed from the heart?
    Atropine (it is a cholinergic antagonist)
  7. why is methicillin used to test for MRSA
    it is penicillinase resistant, when bacteria is resistant to it it is because the bacteria stops producing penacillin binding protien.
  8. what abx have renal toxicity?
    Vanc, aminoglycocides, cephs, amphotericin b, sulfonamides
  9. What abx have hepatotoxicity
    Amp B, clinda, erythromycin, sulfonamides, INH, tetracyclaines
  10. If your patient gets itchy after taking percocet, what might be a good alternative
    hydorcodone, its a synthetic
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