Vocab Wuthering Heights #2

  1. Peevish
    (adj) easily annoyed, especially by thingsthat are not important
  2. Vociferated
    (v) uttered in a very loudvoice
  3. Execrations
    (n) appeals to some supernatural power toinflict evil on someone or some group; curses
  4. Culpable
    (adj) deserving blame orcensure as being wrong or evil or injurious
  5. Expostulating
    (v) to reason with someoneagainst an intended course of action.
  6. Negus
    (n) wine and hot water with sugar and lemonjuice and nutmeg; a type of mulled wine.
  7. Vagabond
    (n) a wanderer with noestablished residence or means of support
  8. Cambric
    (n) a finely woven white linen
  9. Victuals
    (n) food; a source of materials to nourishthe body
  10. Prognosticate
    (v) make a prediction about; tell in advance
  11. Execrated
    (v) to curse or declare to be evil, oranathema, or threaten with divine punishment
  12. Dissipation
    (n) the practice of spending too much timeand money on physical pleasures that are not good for your health; useless or profitlessactivity; using or expending or consuming thoughtlessly or carelessly
  13. Equanimity
    (n) emotional calmness and balance in timesof stress.
  14. Assiduously
    (adv) with care, persistence, and dedication
  15. Consternation
    (n) a sudden, alarming amazement or dreadthat results in utter confusion; dismay; fear resulting from the awareness ofdanger
  16. Askance
    (adv) with a side oroblique glance; subtly out of the corner of your eye
  17. Vagaries
    (n) an unexpected and inexplicable change insomething (in a situation or a person's behavior, etc.)
  18. Perdition
    (n) hell; eternal damnation; the abode ofSatan and the forces of evil; where sinners suffer eternal punishment
  19. Imprecations
    (n) a curse that invokes evil (and usuallyserves as an insult); maledictions
  20. Phalanx
    (n) a large number of things consideredtogether; a close-knit group
  21. Imperious
    (adj) having or showing arrogant superiorityto and disdain of those one views as unworthy
  22. Impudence
    (n) the trait of being rude andimpertinent; inclined to take liberties
  23. Paroxysm
    (n) a convulsion or sudden fit; anuncontrollable attack
  24. Kirkyard
    (n) a churchyard
  25. Orisons
    (n) prayer; reverent petition to a deity
  26. Stanchions
    (n) any vertical post or rod used asa support
  27. Pertinacious
    (adj) unyielding or perverselypersistent; stubborn
  28. Inveterate
    (adj) habitual
  29. Pensive
    (adj) deeply or seriously thoughtful; thinkinghard about something; the opposite of cheery and carefree
  30. Petulance
    (n) whininess and irritability; thequality of being fretful, complaining, petty, or generally cranky
  31. Culpably
    (adv) in a manner or to a degreedeserving blame or censure; reprehensibly
  32. Sanguine
    (adj) confidently optimistic andcheerful
  33. Cogitations
    (n) carefully considered thoughtsabout something
  34. Cipher
    (n) a person of no influence; someone whois small and insignificant
  35. Salubrious
    (adj) promoting health; healthful; somethingthat’s good for you or is generally favorable to mind or body
  36. Immolation
    (n) killing or offering as asacrifice
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