1. When creating an ultrasound image, all of the following assumptions are made except:
    A. sound travels in a straight line
    B. sound travels at 1.54 km/s
    C. reflections arise only from structures in the pulse's main beam
    D. the sound beam is extremely thin
    E. all structures create reflections of equal magnitude
    E. all structures create reflections of equal magnitude
  2. Which statement regarding axial resolution is incorrect?

    B. axial resolution artifact is related to beam diameter
  3. An ultrasound pulse has a width of 4 mm, a length of 2 mm, and is produced by a transducer 3,000 times per second. What is the best estimate of the system's axial resolution?

    • D. 1 mm
    • axial resolution is equal to approx 1/2 of pulse length
  4. Which of the following statements is true about lateral resolution?

  5. All of the following artifacts results in the placement of too many echoes on the image except:
    A. shadowing
    B. reverberation
    C. mirror image
    D. grating lobes
    A. shadowing
  6. Which of the following determiens the spatial resolution of an analog display?

    A. number of lines on the display
  7. Which of the following determines the spatial resolution of a digital display?

    B. pixel density
  8. Which artifact produces an image with an incorrect number of reflectors?

    B. side lobes
  9. True or false.
    Mirror image artifacts always appear deeper than the true anatomy.
  10. Which artifact is unrelated to dimensions of an ultrasound pulse?

    C. refraction
  11. True or False.
    It is common to visualize artifacts when the dimension of the sound beam is larger than the reflector's dimension.
  12. Two reflection, one true and one artifact, are displayed on an image. In the body, only one anatomic structure is present. The correct reflection and the artifact are found side by side. What is the most likely cause of this artifact?

    B. grating lobe
  13. Two distinct reflections are observed on an image, but they actually arise form a single anatomic structure. The artifact is positioned deeper than the correct reflection. What is the most likely cause of this artifact?

    C. mirror image
  14. Which of these artifacts does not result from multiple reflections?

    D. enhancement
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