10 key terms

    • simple wording of republican ideal published in Jan 1776
    • significance: making the colonists gain independence.
    • Paine asserted that the king never had the welfare of his subjects in mind and that he was entirely concerned with his own excercise of power.
  2. Articles of Confederation
    • between 1776 and 1777 the Continental Congress drafted the Articles of Confederation.
    • Articles provided for each states independence granting very little power to overarching federal government.
    • The articles established the United States as a government of laws that placed limits on the governments authority 2; the Articles created a nation citizenship, which gave equal rights to qualifying memembers. No titles or codification of classes in America.
  3. Whiskey Rebellion
    famers fought a tax on wiskey eventually rioting and overrunning the city of Pittsburgh in 1794.After the western provinces were firmly Anit Federalist, favoring government approach of the Democratic Republicans.
  4. tecumseh
    unite tirbes from the old northwest and the south to resist the perpetual encroachment of American settlers. Tecumseh and his brother toured across the land preaching a revival of old ways in a revitalization movement reminiscent of Neolin's.
  5. Barbury Pirates
    • fought from foreign bases fought from commans
    • americans realized we needed a navy
    • demonstrated US can project its power over seas
    • American nationalism
  6. Missouri Compromise
    • Arrangement brokered by Henry Clay that set 3630 as the divider between free and slave territories and allowed Missouri to enter the nation as a slave state if Maine were allowed to enter as free.
    • sig: stopping civial war and gaining political boundaries
  7. Putting out System Lowell System.
    Division of labor in which larger manufacturers would pay one family to perform one task, then pass the item on to the next family or artisan to pefrom the next tast.
  8. Womens Right Convention
  9. Hartford Covention
  10. Henry David Thoreau
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10 key terms
10 key terms