1. iris
    alter size of pupil so can see objects near or far
  2. pupil
    large in low small small in bright light
  3. cornea
    transparent layer that protect the eye; refract light
  4. lens
    transparent disc that adjusts in siz- bends light so it hits fovea in back of retina
  5. ciliary muscles
    sphincter muscles attached to iris that have ciliary fibers attached to lens. control thickness of lens
  6. ______ acts like a reflex but can also be consciously controlled
  7. accomodation
    change focal length of lens by changing curvature of eye lens
  8. sclera
    white of eye
  9. choroid
    blood supply to eye
  10. retina
    • light sensitive rods and cones
    • cones-register color
    • rods- black and white
  11. fovea
    densely packed rods and cones
  12. optic nerve
    part of brain; blind spot
  13. fovea
    • contains more rods than cones
    • light must hit fovea for full acuity
    • sensitive to detail
    • projects to rest of retina and bain
  14. myopia
    inability to see far onjects clearly
  15. hyperopia
    inability to see near object clearly
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