1. 3 characterisics of Passive Voice
    Object of action is subject

    actor deemphazised

    "To be" compunded with past participle
  2. When to use passive voice
    To demphazise the actor

    provide variety
  3. How to keep sentences short
    Avoid redundancie
  4. Syntactical Mistakes
    Make sure the subject (singular) agrees with form of verb

    Make sure all pronouns and nouns agree
  5. Danglers
    Parts of a sentence that don't connect with the core
  6. Topic Titles
    Academic - broad
  7. Message titles
    Direct - draw a conclusion
  8. Epiplexis
    Questions Meant to shame the reader
  9. Hyphora
    Ask a question then immediately answer it
  10. Queclarative
    Statement in question form
  11. Erotesis
    Rapid fire questions in queclarative form
  12. Anaphora
    repitions happen at beginning of something
  13. epistrophe
    Repitions at end of something
  14. Kairos
    Moment has arrived opportunity
  15. Symploce
    Anaphora and Epistrophe - repetitions at beginning and end
  16. Triad
    Three work phrasing
  17. Climax
    Steadily bulding up in intensity (AB BC CD)
  18. Trilcon
    Threee seperate clauses
  19. Syntathremsus
    piling up adjectives
  20. Antithesis
    • Contrasting difffent things
    • Not this, but that
  21. Chiasmus
    Reversal of words in parrel phrasing (AB BA)
  22. Polyproton
    Repeating a work but in a different form

    Choosy mothers choose Jiff
  23. Syllepsis
    One word used dual meaning

    I called for a whore and and myself a cab
  24. Logos
  25. Pathos
  26. Ethos
    Character - credibility
  27. Forensic
    Logos (past)
  28. Demonstrative
    Ethos - present
  29. Deliberative
    Future - Pathos, choice to make
  30. AIDA
    • Attention
    • Interest
    • Desire
    • Action
  31. Preposition
    Define how things are in space, always relate to a subject
  32. Gerunds
    verbal nouns that end in -ing.
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