wetland ecology 4

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    • Polygonum arifolium
    • halberdleaf tearthumb
    • OBL
    • branched climbing or tangling 3-6' long narrow shaped leaves and stems with many curved prickles, arrow shaped leaves, basal lobes pointing outward, white to
    • pink flowers on terminal spikes
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    • Polygonum sagittatum
    • arrowleaf tearthumb
    • OBL
    • climbing or tangling, 3-6' tall, prickly 4 angled stems, pink to white flowers, alternate leaves lance like to elliptical, narrow downward pointed lobes form heart shaped base that surrounds stem
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    • Phragmites australis
    • common reed
    • FACW
    • colonial grass with woody hollow culms, up to 6 meters, tawnt spikelets w/ many tufts of silky hair,
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    • Sparganium americanum
    • american burreed
    • OBL
    • sedge, stalk of large spherical burr like flower clusters, stems 2ft tall, strap like leaf blades 1 inch wide,
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    • Typha latifolia
    • broadleaf cattail
    • OBL
    • 4-8 ft tall, found in dense clumps, broad linear leaves, D shaped in cross section, no separation between male and female sections, restricted to areas where water never exceeds 2.5 ft.
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    • Verbena hastata
    • swamp verbena
    • FACW+
    • 2-5ft tall, stout stemmed , pencil like flower spikes w ring of blue purple flowers, square grooved stems
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    • Alisma subcordatum
    • American water plantain
    • OBL
    • erect or floating leaves, oval to elliptic leaves, sharply pointed, petioles often longer than the leaf blade
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    • Alnus glutinosa
    • european alder
    • FACW-
    • Large shade tree, ornimantal when young, up to 60' tall, alternate, dark glossy green 3" long and wide, oval to orbicular, doubly serrated and distinctly notched, impressed veins
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    • Iris pseudacorus
    • paleyellow iris
    • OBL
    • stout rhizomes, erect leaves arching at top, swordlike fine pointed with raised midrib, plae to deep yellow flowers, 3 downward spreading sepals w/ brown to purple patterns, flecks or veins
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    • Lythrum salicaria
    • purple loosestrife
    • FACW+
    • square woody stem with opposite or whorled leaves, lance like leaves heart shaped or rounded at base, covered by downy pubesence, 4-10', magenta colored flower spikes, non native
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    • Schoenoplectus acutis
    • hardstem bullrush
    • OBL
    • erect grass like sedge from spreading rhizome, firm round stems, 3-4 leaves per plant, sheaths often reddish at base, flowers found in spikelets, held in small branched cluster, cluster has still branches that seem to grow out of side of stem
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    • Scirpus cyperinus
    • woolgrass
    • FACW+
    • densely tufted, clump forming 3-6 ft tall, erect stem leafy up to flower cluster, woolly bristles surround nutlets, triangular to nearly round stem, green leaflike bracts
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