SOCI exam 2

  1. groupthink
    in a cohesive group, the tendancy to enforce a high degree of conformity among members, creates a demand for unanimous agreement.
  2. social loafing
    the phenomenon in which as more individuals are added to a task, each individual contributes less. results in more inefficiency
  3. coercive power
    power backed by threat of force
  4. influential power
    power that is supported by persuasion
  5. traditional authority
    authority based on custom, birthright, or divine right
  6. legal-rational authority
    authority base on laws, rules, and procedures
  7. charismatic authority
    authority based on the perception of remarkable personal qualities in a leader
  8. instrumental leader
    leadership that is task or goal oriented
  9. expressive leadership
    leadership concerned with maintaining emotional and rational harmony within the group
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SOCI exam 2
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