Unit 3 Test Review Ch. 8

  1. Boycott
    Mass refusal to buy products from targeted companies or employers
  2. Closed Shop
    Illegal arrangement under which workers must join a union BEFORE they are hired
  3. Union Shop
    Arrangement under which workers MUST join a union AFTER being hired
  4. Labor Mobility
    Ability and willingness of labor to relocate, usually for higher wages
  5. Lockout
    Management refusal to let employees work until company demands are met
  6. Modified Union Shop
    Arrangement under which workers HAVE THE OPTION to join a union AFTER being hired
  7. Injunction
    Court order issued to prevent a company or union from taking action during a labor dispute
  8. Picket
    Parade in front of employer's business carrying signs about the dispute
  9. Agency Shop
    Arrangement under which non-unionmembers must pay union dues
  10. Strike
    Union organized work stoppage designed to gain concessions from an employer
  11. Arbitration
    Agreement between 2 parties to place a dispute before a third party for a binding settlement
  12. Mediation
    Process of resolving a dispute by bringing in a neutral third party
  13. Unskilled Labor
    Workers not trained to operate specialized machines and equipment
  14. Semiskilled Labor
    Workers who can operate machines requiring a minimum amount of training.
  15. Skilled Labor
    Workers who can operate complex equipment and require little supervision
  16. Professional Labor
    Workers with high level of professional and managerial skills
  17. Minimum Wage
    Lowest legal wage that can be paid to most workers
  18. Signaling Theory
    Theory that employers are willing to pay more for people with certificates, diplomas, degrees, and other indicators of superior ability
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Unit 3 Test Review Ch. 8