Family Pictures

  1. There are many ___________________ in the sky at night that looks like a picture.

    C. constellations
  2. We burn ______________ when Mom cooks cabbage.

    A. incense
  3. Some people _______________ cactus before they eat it.

    A. parboil
  4. Mrs. Doolittle will _______________ us to do our best work.

    A. inspire
  5. In our story Family Pictures, Carmen Lomas Garza creates a beautiful _______________ on each picture.

    C. scene
  6. My teacher ________________ me at the Christmas program.

    C. recognized
  7. We hope your _______________ holds a high school graduation in nine years.

    A. future
  8. ___________________ constructed our beautiful elementary school about six years ago.

    A. Artisans
  9. Mrs. Vest can't see her deer stand because of the many ____________________ trees.

    A. mesquite
  10. It is fun to walk to the end of the _____________ and catch fish.

    B. pier
  11. Do you ever ___________ about what you want to be when you grow up?

    C. dream
  12. We have a ____________ classroom in our hallway.

    B. vacant
  13. We enjoy acting out the Spanish custom of _________________________ to celebrate Christmas.

    A. Las Posadas
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Family Pictures
Family Pictures