Case Brief Format

  1. Citation
    Name of case and where it can be found.
  2. Parties
    Names and legal status of the parties
  3. Facts
    A summary of those facts that describe the history of events that caused the parties to be in court (background facts), and those facts to which the law applies and are essential to the decision reached by the court (key facts).
  4. Prior Proceedings
    What happened in lower court or courts.
  5. Issue
    • The specific question(s) addressed and answered by the court.
    • State the issue as narrowly and concretely as possible in the context of the case facts.
    • It should include the rule of law and the key facts.
  6. Holding
    The court's answer to the issue.
  7. Reasoning
    • Why the court ruled as it did.
    • This is the court's application of the case or statutory law to the facts of the case.
    • It should include:
    • 1. The rule of law that applies.
    • 2. How the court applied the rule of law to the facts.
  8. Disposition
    What order was entered as a result of the holding, for example, "The judgment of the trial court is reversed."
  9. Conclusion (Comments)
    One paragraph answering the issue; reiterating the holding.
  10. Case Brief Format
    • Citation
    • Parties
    • Facts
    • Prior Proceedings
    • Issue
    • Holding
    • Reasoning
    • Disposition
    • Conclusion
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Case Brief Format
Case Brief Format