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    Influential political pamphlet written by Thomas Paine, published in Jan 1776, containing a simple wording of republican ideals
    Battle in New York state in 177 between the Continental Army and General Burgoynes British army troops
    Bill drafted by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 articulation distrust of an established state church and the value of religious liberty
  4. Whigs/ Tories
    loyal to the king
  5. Bill of Rights
    list of natural rights that many Americans felt were threatened by Englands prerevolutionary laws.
  6. Articles of Confederation
    Document that defined the colonies collective soverignty drafted between 1776 and 1777, ratified by 1781
  7. Northwest Ordinance

    This legislation established territorial governments in the Great Lakes region and set a pattern for future western develpmetn.
  8. Shays Rebellion
    Jan26, 1787 when Daniel Shays led 1200 men to seize control of the federal arsenal in Springfield, Mass to protest the state legislatures inability to address the debt problems of small farmers
  9. Virginia and New Jersey Plan
    • Virginia- large states plan sought to scrap the Articles of Confederation and create a Congress with two houses, with representation in Congress being determined by population favoring large states.
    • NJ Plan- suggested revising the Articles of Confederationrather than replacing them altogether
  10. Federalists
    • STRONG. Farmers of the Constitution who emphasized new government would not end state autonomy
    • Anti- weak confederation of states more direct democracy
  11. Democratic-Republican
    faction that coalesced in oppostion to Alexander Hamiltons economic policies and Jay's Treaty; led by Virginians like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison
  12. Whiskey Rebellion
    Conflict in which Pennsylvania farmers fought a tax on whiskey eventually rioting and overruning the city of Pittsburgh in 1794, where they were to be tried for tax evasion
  13. Pickney Treaty yof 1796
    Agreement with Spain that opened the Mississippi River to American shipping and allowed Americans the "right of deposit" at New Orleans, which meant that American merchants could warehouse goods in the city
  14. Indian Trade and Intercourse Acts
    Laws which made it illegal for Americans to trade with Native American tries witout formal consent from the federal government and also made it illegal to sell land to or buy land from Native Americans witout similar federal consent
  15. Gabriels Conspiracy
    Slave rebellion in 1800 in Richmond Virgina, twentysix rebels were hanged
  16. XYZ Affair
    Foreign policy crisis with France over the trade wars; three agents designated X, Y, and Z attempted to extort money from Amerucan envoys as a prequisite for neotiations.
  17. Alien and Sedition Acts
    Legislation signed by President John Adams; opponents called them a violation of the First Amendments guarantees.
  18. Marbury v Madison
    court decision declaring that Judge Marbury deserved his appointment but that the Court could not force the president to grant it, because a federal law was unconstitutional; first US Supreme Court decision to declare a law unconstitutional
  19. Louisiana Purchase
    Tract of 830000 square miles that stretched from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains; Jefferson bought it from Napolean for 15 million in 1803
  20. Tecumseh
    proposed to unite tribes from the Old Northwest and South to resis the perpetual enroachment of American settlers in the early 1800s
  21. Embargo Act of 1807
    Legislation which stopped American exports from going to Europe and prohibited American ships from trading in foreign ports.
  22. Hartford Convention
    Meeting of New England Federalists in 1814 where they proposed constitutional amendments limiting the government's ability to restrict American commerce cand repealing the three fifths clause to limit the power of the South in Congress.
  23. Era of Good Feelings
    Perios of nonpartisan politics following the implosion of the Federalist Party roughly through 1815-1824
  24. War of 1812
    The War was significant ...it shaped politics, vated the West, shaped America's role in world affairs, unified the nation and boosted patriotism. Demonstrated the weakness of the Republican-Democrats
  25. Monroe Doctrine
    Declaration of 1823 proclaiming the any Eurpean nation attempting to colonize Latin America would be treated as a party hostile to the United States. President James Monroe announded that the Western Hemisphere was the domain of the US and was to remain seperated from the affairs of Europe.
  26. Missouri Compromise
    Arrangement brokered by Henry Clay that set 36 30 as the divider between free and slave territories allowed Missouri to enter the nation as slave Maine enter as free
  27. Lowell
    women textile
  28. Transcendentalists
    Group of thinkers and writers in the Northeast who believed that ultimate truths were beyond human grasp
  29. American Temperance Society
    Group founded by temperance workers in 1826; they promoted laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol
  30. American Colonization
    Group that advocated sending all black Americans to Africa; society established the colony og liberia on the West African coast for this purpose in the 1820s
  31. Womens Right Convention
    gathering of women activisits in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848; their goal was securing the vote for women
  32. Henry David Thoreau
  33. Militia
    short term only serving a few months2) one local3) military training as a group4)democracy elected their officers
  34. Continental Army
    larger terms, moved around the colony hard formed training did not choose officers
  35. Great Compromise
    plan to grans each state equal representation in the upper house and representation that was proportional to population in the lower house.
  36. Horatio Gates/ Benedict Arnold
  37. Barbury Pirates
    • fought from foreign bases fought correspondents.
    • Americans realized we need a Navy.
    • Demonstrated US can projects its powers over seas
    • American Nationalism
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