chapter 10

  1. Biological Respond
    The autonomic nervous system= parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system; Hormones: Cortisol/glucocorticoid and norepinephrine/noradrenaline
  2. Stress
    As the physical and mental changes that occur in response to a challenging or threatening situation
  3. Distress
    Too much arousal
  4. Stressor
    Situation, event, person, disease, etc.
  5. Societal Stressor
    Social, cultural, and economic. Ex: unemployement, poverty, discrimination, sexism and etc.
  6. Coping strategies
    Ways of dealing with stressful situation
  7. Endocrine System
    System of glands and hormones that controls secretion of blood-borne chemical messengers
  8. Endocrine Gland
    Any of various gland producing hormonal secretions on the exterior of the body. It includes Sweat Glands, Salivary Glands and Tears Gland
  9. Exocrine Gland
    • Any of various glands producing hormonal secretions that pass directly into the bloodstream. which includes Pituary, thyroid, paratyroid, pancreas, adrenal and
    • ovaries
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