Lesson 6

  1. Babylonian captivity
    The babylonian king destroyed the temple in Jerusalem. this period was known as babylonian captivity. a religious crisis was produced because the temple had been the center of religious practice and national identity. without it the jews had to develop new forms of worship. beginning of judaism started at this point
  2. Covenant
    the meaning of covenant is a contract or agreement between parties. there are several covenants spoken of in scripture, some between god and humans, and some between human and human.
  3. diaspora
    the scattering of jews to countries outside of palestine after babylonian captivity.
  4. abraham
    the father of the people of Israel
  5. Jacob
  6. Mosaic covenant
  7. theodicy
    is a story that calls into question and resolves the justic of God. It raises deep and searching questions about the nature of God.
  8. theophany
    the manifestation or appearance of God to a person
  9. universalism
    the belief in the universal fatherhood of God and the final salvation of all souls
  10. Tanakh, Nev'im, Torah, Ketuvah
    • Tanakh-the jewish name for the bible
    • 3 divisions:
    • -Torah-first division, referred to as the laws
    • -Nev'im- 2nd division is about the prophets
    • -Ketuvah-3rd is the writings.
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Lesson 6
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