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  1. What does DNA Make?
    guide to making proteins
  2. what forms an amino acid
    an amine group combined with an acid
  3. how many naturally occuring amino acids are there?
  4. What is the Primary Structure?
    The sequence of amino acids
  5. What are polypeptides?
    amino Acids that have been linked together by covalent bonds
  6. What are Covalent Bonds?
    Typically irreversible, difficult to break chemical bonds
  7. What is the Secondary Structure?
    the 3d subunits of a protein (alpha helixes and beta sheets)
  8. What are the two major types of secondary structures
    alpha helices, and beta sheets
  9. What makes the two major types of secondary structures.
    the bonds made by certain amino acids such as the non covalent bond between oxygen and hydrogen.
  10. What is the Tertiary Structure?
    refers to the 3d structure of the whole proteins
  11. What is the quaternary structure?
    the non covalent association of two or more proteins.
  12. What is x-rau crystallography?
    if you take a crystal(salt type thing) and mount it onto a stage and bombard it with x-rays they will bounce off the electrons and creat a diffraction pattern.
  13. How do drugs work?
    they interrupt chemical signaling pathways in the body
  14. What are hormones:
    Chemical messengers produced by the body's endocrine glands
  15. What does th drug aspirin do?
    reduces pain, swelling, fever, chance of heart attack (maybe)
  16. What does NSAID stand for?
    Non steroidal anti-inflamatory drug
  17. What makes up aspirin?
    salicylic acid+heat+acetic acid = acetyl salicylic acid
  18. What does asprin do?
    Blocks cyclooxygenase (COX) enzyme by keeping it from binding to the receptor site on a cell.
  19. What does the COX enzyme do?
    synthesizes hormone like compounds called prostaglandins from arachidonic acid
  20. What is and Enzyme?
    Biochemical Catalysts
  21. What is a prostaglandins?
    hormone like substances that are somewhat responsible for pain and swelling in the body
  22. What is a Stereoisomer?
    Molecules that have the same connectivity but differ in the spatial arrangement of their atoms
  23. What is an Enantiomer?
    The non superposable mirror images of a chiral molecule
  24. What is the difference between enantiomer molecules?
    they differ in how they interact with other chiral molecules
  25. what is ricin?
    a posionous protin extracted from caster beans. the bean in breaking bad.
  26. How does ricin work?
    it enteres cells and killes the ribosomes by knocking off a group.
  27. What is important about ribosomes?
    they build proteins which keep the cell running.
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