Gov Q6 People & Events

  1. Cain fallout: ___% of Washington Times readers expect he will withstand accusations; ___% of National Review readers will support him "more" or the _____
    • 85%
    • 91%
    • Same
  2. Obama designates ___________________ a national monument; cites 1986 _________ Act.
    • Fort Monroe
    • Antique
  3. Jan Christensen
    Former house member; earning $15,000 a month as a lobbyist
  4. Hilda Solis
    Former CA congresswoman; current Secretary of Labor
  5. David Schweirkert
    AZ house republican; wants Obama to return book royalties from state department book buys
  6. _____________ rejects "personhood" initiative; _________ voters restore same day registration
    • Mississippi
    • Maine
  7. DC Circuit Court of ______ uphold ACA 2-1; affirming judges were ______ and ______ opponents
    • Appeals
    • Carter
    • Reagan
  8. Russel Pearce
    AZ state senator; author of the controversial state immigration law
  9. Gary Grindler
    Eric Holder's chief of staff; didn't tell his boss of F&F link to border agent shooting
  10. Haley Barbour
    Former RNC chair; lame duck governer of Mississippi
  11. Government experts recommend _________ to be tested for high cholesteral before puberty; American Academy of ________ endorses guidelines
    • Children
    • Pediatrics
  12. Congressional select supercommittee sees hope for ________ reduction deal; must _____ on package by November 23
    • Deficit
    • Vote
  13. Jeb Henserling
    TX house republican; cochair of the joint deficit reduction committee
  14. Maya MacGuineas
    President of the committee for a responsible budget; thinks a deficit deal is more likely than not
  15. Richard Carmona
    Former US surgeon general; will run for AZ senate seat
  16. _____ disciplines 8 in Madoff Ponzi scheme; no one _____, 2 get 30-day suspensions
    • SEC
    • Fired
  17. South Carolina ____ primary seen as wide open; winner of contest has gotten nomination since _____
    • GOP
    • 1980
  18. Bob Goodlatte
    VA house republican; introduces balanced budget in current congress
  19. Joseph Author
    Professional song writer; wrote occupy wall streeet anthem
  20. Harry Markopolos
    Proved Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme; spent 8 years trying to convince the SEC
  21. ________ department begins fining airlines over runway delays; over 3 hours delay = $ ______ per passenger
    • Transportation
    • 27,000
  22. Republicans take _______ house of delegates; first GOP control of body since _______
    • Mississippi
    • Reconstruction
  23. Chelsea Clinton
    New NBC news contributor; running for 2014 congress?
  24. Cynthia Schnedar
    Inspector general of justice department; says FBI is not updating terror watch list
  25. John Fleming
    LA house republican, calls for Kaagan's ACA recusal
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