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  1. Blood supply to talus
    Posterior tubercle: medial calcaneal which is a branch of post tib anastamosis with a branch of peroneal a to supply the area.

    Body: supplied by the artery of sinus tarsi which is a continuation of perforation peroneal and anastamosis with a of tarsal canal(branches of post tib) as well as an anastomosis with deltoid anastamosis (branch of PT).

    • Head/neck:
    • Supplied by branches off dorsalis pedis and anastomoses that DP makes with deltoid branches and artery of sinus tarsi.
  2. If you did a common peroneal block which nerves in foot would be anestitized?
    • Intermediate dorsal cutaneous
    • Medial dorsal cutaneous
    • Common dorsal digital nerves (1st IS is Deep, 2nd MDCN, 3rd and 4th is IDCN)
    • 1st dorsal digital proper nerve (from mdcn)
  3. What are the 6 nerves you block in ankle block?
    • Saphenous
    • Deep peroneal
    • MDCN
    • IDCN
    • Sural
    • Posterior tibial
  4. What are the two branches of the sciatic nerve and where do the split?
    • Common peroneal
    • Tibial
    • *they split lower 1/3 of thigh
  5. Where should you block proximally if u want to anestitize only the sural and lateral calcaneal nerve (this isnt an actual block, just testing anatomy)
    Isolated sural block mid posterior leg
  6. Where does medial sural and lateral sural branch from?
    Medial from tibial and lateral from common peroneal (just proximal to knee)
  7. Medial calcaneal nerve is a branch of? Lateral calcaneal?
    Tibial nerve, sural nerve
  8. You are an RBC in femoral a and want to travel to big toe, describe ur voyage of choice
    look at anatomy book for answers
  9. What are the five ligaments that comprise the deltoid ligament? Which ones are capsular?
    • Naviculotibial lig
    • Deep posterior talotibial lig-capsular
    • Deep anterior talotibial lig-capsular
    • Superficial talotibial lig
    • Calcaneotibial lig
  10. Which of lateral collateral ligs are extracapsular?
    Calcaneofibular lig
  11. What ligaments are in sinus tarsi?
    Cervical ligament (talocalcaneal ligament) prevents rearfoot valgus
  12. What is vascular supply of sinus tarsi?
    Anastomosis of sinus tarsi and tarsal canal arteries
  13. Name structures from medial to lateral on dorsum of foot.
    A HAND P; ant tib, hallucis longus,artery,nerve, ext Dig longus, peroneus tertius
  14. what are tendon attachments to sesamoids?
    • 1. Adductor hallucis conjoined tendon (fibular)
    • 2. Abductor hallucis tendon (tibial)
    • 3. Flexor hallucis brevis tendon (medial and lateral head)
  15. Patient has laceration proximal anterior leg, superficial peroneal nerve was lacerated, what movements of foot might be affected?
    Eversion/plantarflexion the ankle (peroneous long/brevis)
  16. Deep peroneal nerve was lacerated at level of leg, what muscles in foot would be effected?
    Tibialis anterior, extensor hallucis longus, extensor digitorum longus, peroneus tertius
  17. Where do dorsal interossei and plantar interossei insert?
    • Dorsal is medial 2nd, lateral 2-4
    • Plantarmedial 3-5
  18. What is in 1st layer of plantar foot?
    • Abductor hallucis muscle
    • Flexor digitorum brevis
    • Abductor digiti minimi
  19. What is in second layer of plantar foot?
    • QP
    • Lumbricals
    • FHL
    • FDL
  20. What is in 3rd layer of plantar foot?
    • Adductor Hallucis brevis
    • Flexor hallucis brevis
    • Flexor digiti minimi brevis
  21. What is in 4th layer of plantar foot?
    • Plantar interossei
    • Dorsal interossei
    • Tibialis posterior
    • Peroneous longus
  22. What kind of joint is the calcaneocuboid?
    Condyloid (ellipsoid or saddle)
  23. What kind of joint is interphalangeal joint?
  24. What kind of joint is the lisfrancs?
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