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  1. Leading Center
    A slight or exaggerated movement of a part of the body that shows a character's personality, such as brave characters leading with their chest.
  2. Cheat Out
    A stage technique where an actor pivots the torso and turns the face toward tthe audience
  3. Share a Scene
    Two actors standing or sitting parallel to each other
  4. Subtext
    Character interpretations which are not in a script, but are supplied by an actor
  5. Memorizing
    Committing the lines of a script to memory
  6. Whole-Part Memorization
    Committing to memory indivudual lines of a script after whole units of the play have been read several times
  7. Part-Whole Memorization
    Studying cues or lines of script line-by-line until committed to memory.
  8. Playing the Moment
    Responding to each line, action, and character in the permanent present, such as an actor not opening the door before the knock.
  9. Working Backwords
    A technique in which an actor prepares the audience for what a character will do later.
  10. Paraphrasing
    Restating lines in your own words.
  11. Substitution
    The use by an actor of a personal experience of a character within a play
  12. Improvising
    Performing without preparation
  13. Cutt-Off Lines
    • Lines interrupted by another speaker
    • Indicated in the script by dashes (---)
  14. Fade-Off Lines
    Lines that actors trail off because they do not finish them
  15. Picking up of Cues
    Speaking immediately on the last word of the previous speaker for rapid speech, or attaching your line to the former speech, with no space between
  16. Laugh Curve
    The audience's reaction that actors listen for in order to anticipate the length of time the audience will laugh.
  17. Knap
    The second sound after landing a blow- a sliding, slapping sound or clap
  18. Ad-Lib
    To extemporize stage business or conversation
  19. At-Rise
    Who and what are on stage when the curtain opens
  20. Back or Backstage
    The area behind the part of the stage that is visible to the audience
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