Test 7

  1. What are the four categories that maltreatment of children fall under?
    • Physical abuse
    • Neglect
    • Emotional Abuse
    • Sexual Abuse
  2. What are three indicators of child abuse?
    • Physical
    • Behavioral
    • Environmental/Circumstantial
  3. An act of commission by a parent or caretaker which is not accidental and harms or threatens to harm a child's physical or mental health or welfare defines?
  4. Act of a parent or caretaker leaving a child without adequate supervision or provision for his/her needs for an excessive period of time defines what?
  5. A person responsible for a child's health or welfare, including the childs parent, guardian, or other person within the child's own home; or a person responsible for a child's health or welfare in a relative's home, foster care home, or residential institution defines what?
  6. What defines a child?
    • Under the age of 17
    • Under 21 who committed an act of delinquency before reaching 17
    • Under the age of 18, if alleged to be deprived
  7. What defines a deprived child?
    • Is without proper parental care
    • Has been placed for care or adoption
    • Has been abandoned
    • Is without a parent
  8. An act of omission, specifically the failure of a parent or other person legally responsible for a child's welfare to provide for the childs basic needs and proper level of care with respect to food, clothing, shelter, hygiene, medical attention or supervision defines what?
  9. Once the officer decides to take a juvenile into custody he should first?
    Contact the juvenile intake officer
  10. What are some things to DO in an interview with a child?
    • Build trust
    • Conduct the interview in private
    • Sit next to the child
    • Explain how information will be used
  11. What are some things that the officer should NOT DO?
    • Allow the child to feel in trouble
    • Critize the childs words
    • Suggest answers
    • Force the child to remove clothes
  12. Refers to any act of a sexual nature upon or to a child defines what?
    Sexual abuse
  13. Results in impaired psychological growth an development. It offten occurs as verbal abuse defines what?
    Emotional abuse
  14. What are the primary goals to fulfill when directing traffic?
    • Expedite the safe movement of traffic
    • Relieve congestion
    • Secure compliance with traffic laws
  15. What are some situations in which traffic direction may be necessary?
    • Rush hour
    • School traffic
    • Peak hours
    • Hazardous scenes
    • Special circumstances
    • Escorts
  16. What are the officers duties when directing traffic?
    • Regulating cross flow
    • Controlling turning
    • Detouring traffic
    • Protect pedestrians
    • ETC
  17. What are some considerations when redirecting traffic?
    • Traffic density
    • Narrow roads
    • Bridge tonnage
    • Underpasses
  18. When using the whistle what are the blasts and what do they mean?
    • One long blast- stop
    • Two short blasts- go
    • Several short blasts- pay attention
  19. A person shall not drive or be in actual physical control of any moving vehicle while:
    • Under the influence of alcohol
    • Any drug
    • Intentional use of glue, areosol, or other toxic vapor
    • Combination of the first three
    • Per se
  20. What was Love v. state?
    If it is in the system it is not necessarily impairing the person
  21. If the drugs are in legal possession is it a defense to impaired or less safe driving?
  22. What is the BAC level for a commercial vehicle?
    .04 or more
  23. What criteria has to be met for a vehicle to be classified as commerical?
    • Greater than 10,001 lbs
    • Passenger capacity of 15 or more including the driver, not for compenstation
    • Passenger capacity of 8 or more including the driver, for compensation
    • Used in the furtherance of a business
    • If it is hazardous materials
  24. What is the BAC level of someone under the age of 21?
  25. What is a plea of nolo contendere and when can't it be accepted?
    • It means not guilty but willing to accept punishment.
    • Cannot be accepted if BAC is .15 or higher
    • Previous convictions within 5 years
  26. What is the current breathalyzer?
    Intox 5000
  27. What are the guidelines for Intox 5000?
    • Two blows
    • Deviation must not be greater than .02
    • No more than two tests
  28. What is a qualified person?
    Doctor, Nurse, EMT
  29. Is a qualified person required to administer breath or urine test?
  30. If the subject is compliant and submits to the state tests can they have their own tests done?
    Yes at their own expence
  31. What are the justifications for the tests?
    • Resonable grounds
    • Driving or was in actual physical control
    • Upon the highways or elsewhere in the state
    • Serious traffic accident
  32. What are examples of serious traffic accidents?
    • Death
    • Dismemberment
    • Fractured Bone
    • Severe burn
    • Partial or total loss of:
    • Sight
    • Hearing
    • Conciousness
  33. If the person is hearing impaired then an _________ must be present if taken into custody.
  34. Under Administrative License Suspension the drivers license must be
  35. Temporary permits are valid for:
    • 180 days
    • 30 days
  36. What are 3 phases of DUI investigation?
    • Vehicle in motion
    • Personal Contact
    • Pre-Arresting Screening
  37. What are the three field sobriety tests?
    • HGN
    • Walk and turn
    • One leg stand
  38. What are some driving characteristics of an impaired driving?
    • Crossing center lane
    • Speeding
    • No lights
    • Too slow
    • Wide turns
    • Stopped in roadway
  39. What is the most important thing to do after a traffic stop with an elderly driver?
  40. What happens to the five senses as a person gets older?
    They decrease
  41. What should an officer look for when stopping an elderly driver?
    • Examine the exterior and interior of the car
    • Check the outside for dents and dings
    • Check the interior for post it notes
  42. What are three forms of stress?
    • Physical
    • Mental
    • Emotional
  43. What are psychosematic reactions?
    Refers to physical dieseases that are caused by stress.
  44. What is the short term goal of traffic enforcement?
    Movement of vehicular taffic along the public roads
  45. What is the long term goal of traffic enforcement?
    Voluntary Compliance
  46. What is the main obstacle to a traffic stop?
  47. What are the two types of conflict in a traffic stop?
    • Avoidable- caused when officer mishandles the stop
    • Unavoidable- driver is not acting appropriately
  48. What are the four officer personalities?
    • The helpful officer- relaxed but aware
    • The authoritarian officer- the law is the law
    • The aggressive officer- cowboys
    • The placating or pacifying officer- professional nice guy
  49. What are the four types of drivers?
    • The cooperative driver- admits blame
    • The blameless driver- not their fault
    • The nonchalant driver- doesn't care
    • The hostile driver- angry
  50. What are the five pitfalls to conversation?
    • Being abrupt
    • Being over talkative
    • Being judgemental
    • Using a negative tone
    • Using an authoritarian tone
  51. Non verbal communication is makes up ____%.
  52. What makes up non verbal communication?
    • Facial expressions
    • Stance
  53. What are some unsuitible purposes for a traffic citation?
    • Don't sell the citaition
    • Don't atempt to make the driver admit
    • Don't lecture the driver
    • Don't punish the driver
  54. How should the officer finish the traffic stop?
    On a possitive note
  55. What can the officer use as a bases for issuing the citation?
    • Severity of offense
    • Enforcing a particular offense
    • To increase awareness
  56. What are the four types of moving patrol?
    • Linear- one point to another
    • Area- several streets
    • Point- most effective for accident clusters
    • Stationary- easily observed by a great number of people
  57. What are some methods for determining accident locations?
    • Accident spot map
    • Accident location file
    • Computers
  58. What are the two fundamental speed laws?
    • Basic- too fast for conditions
    • Absolute- speed law
  59. What are some ways to detect speed?
    • Pacing
    • Radar
    • Vascar
    • Stopwatch
    • Lidar
  60. The way in which a person reacts to environmental stimuli defines?
  61. What are the three stages of stress?
    • Alarm
    • Resistance
    • Exhaustion
  62. What are some internal sources of stress?
    • Poor supervision
    • Absence of carrer development opportunities
    • Inadequate reward reinforcement system
    • Offensive department policy
    • Excessive paperwork
    • Poor equipment
    • Inconsistent discipline
    • Perceived discipline
  63. What are some external stressors?
    • The court
    • Testifying in court
    • Public's lack of support
    • Derogatory remarks by neighbors or others
  64. What are the stages of alcoholism?
    • Early
    • Middle
    • Late
  65. What is a type A personality?
    Aggressive, competitive, tendency to be hostile, self-imposed pressure
  66. What is a type B personality?
    Slow to anger
  67. What are some positive coping methods?
    • Medical exams
    • Counseling
    • Relaxation
    • Slow down
  68. Why is diet and weight control important regarding stress?
    Weight and bad habits increase stress
  69. Grams of alcohol per 100 milliliters or grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath defines?
    Alcohol concentration
  70. A street or highway intended to provide access to the rear or side of lots or buildings in urban districts and not intended for the purpose of through vehicular traffic defines?
  71. Motor vehicle belonging to a public utiltiy corporation or operated by the DOT and designated as an emergency vehicle defines what?
    Authorized emergency vehicle
  72. Every motor vehicle designed for carrying more than ten passengers and used for the transportation of persons for compenstation defines what?
  73. What is the difference between a highway and a roadway?
    The roadway is the road from fogline to fogline. The highway encompasses the road and the shoulder.
  74. Complete cessation from movement defines what?
    Stop or stopping
  75. Offenses by persons owning or controlling vehicles
    Can't allow someone to operate a motor vehicle on highways
  76. Should officers wear the same uniform unless directed by sheriff or police chief?
  77. A person who has a permanent home or domicle in Georgia and to which, having been absent, he or she has the intention of returning defines?
  78. Report of theft, loss, or mutilation of license plate or revalidation decal; duplicate licence plate or revalidation
    Eight dollars to get a new tag
  79. Person who does not reside in the state of Georgia but who accepts employment or engages in any trade, profession etc. defines?
    Non resident
  80. Any person who does not reside in the state of georgia and who is a non resident defines?
  81. If a car is sold records must be kept for how many years?
  82. Can the numbers be removed or changed on an engine block?
  83. Who is exempt from licensing reqirements?
    • Employee of US government
    • Nonresident with international license
    • Nonresident in the army
    • Active duty in the army
    • Inmate
  84. What are the classes of licenses?
    • C-single vehicle les than 26,000 lbs
    • D-provisional license
    • E-comination of vehicles with 26,001 lbs or more
    • F-single vehicle 26,001 lbs or more
    • M-motorcycle
    • P-permit
  85. Must the drivers license be presented upon demand from a law enforcement officer?
  86. Can your license be suspened for actions done in another state?
  87. License must be suspened if:
    • Homicide by vehicle
    • Any felony using car
    • Hit and run
    • Racing
    • Fleeing police
    • Fraudulent application for license
    • Driving with revoked or suspended license
  88. If a person fails to pay fine or show up for court can their license be suspended?
    Yes until all fines are paid
  89. How many points for the unlawful passing a school bus?
    6 points
  90. If the drivers license is not physically taken by an officer is the license still suspended?
  91. Can you lend your drivers license to someone else?
  92. What are the endorsements and restrictions to CDL's ?
    • H-transport hazardous materials
    • L-restricts the driver to vehicles without air brakes
    • T-double and triple trailors
    • P- 16 or more passengers not school busses
    • N- tanks
    • S- School busses
    • X- tanks of hazardous materials
  93. How much alcohol does it take to put a driver out of service for 24 hours?
  94. Does the driver have to have proof of insurance?
    No it is found in GCIC with the registration
  95. What are the blue traffic refectors for?
    Notice of fire hydrant
  96. What is following to close?
    It is when a vehicle is unreasonably close to another without sufficent room to stop
  97. Operating a radio to loud if audible at how many feet?
  98. What should a driver do when an emergency vehicle is approaching?
    Move to the right
  99. Should a person yield to furneral processions?
  100. Can pedestrians solicite rides or buisness?
  101. When can't a driver make a u-turn?
    • A curve
    • On a hill
    • Interfere with other traffic
    • Prohibited
  102. Can a person drive through a railroad crossing grate that is down?
  103. What is the speed limit for a bus on public road?
    40 MPH
  104. What is the speed limit for a bus on the interstate?
    55 MPH
  105. What are the maximum speed limits?
    • 35 mph in urban
    • 35 in unpaved areas
    • 70 in highways outside urban areas
    • 65 in highways inside urban areas
    • 55 in other locations
  106. Are police officers prohibited from using telecommuication devices in cars?
    No they are exempt
  107. What is laying drags?
    Driving a car in a manner as to create harm to another
  108. If a person hits an unattended vehicle what information do they need to leave?
    • Name
    • Address
  109. If you hit a fixed object on the highway what information is required?
    • Name
    • Address
    • Registration number
  110. Who has to clean up the road after a wreak?
    The tow truck driver
  111. What is reckless driving?
    Any person who drives any vehicle in reckless disregard for the safety of persons or property.
  112. What is homicide by vehicle?
    • causes the death of another person without malice and aforethought- first degree
    • leaves the scene of an accident- first degree
    • commits one of the five crimes
  113. What are the five crimes associated with homicide by vehicle?
    • Overtaking and passing a school bus
    • Reckless driving
    • DUI
    • Fleeing
    • Accident involving death
  114. What is serious injury by death?
    Without malice causes the deprivng of a limb or disfigurement.
  115. What is aggressive driving?
    intent to harass or injure or obsturct
  116. No vehicle shall be opperated with a windshield having a starburst or spider webbing effect greater than _____ inches
  117. What are two types of warnings at railroad crossings?
    • Active- lights, bells, gates
    • Passive- crossbucks, painted roads
  118. What are the four things that affect collisions in railroads?
    • Train
    • Human
    • Environment
    • Vehicle
  119. What should an officer check to find out what is in the cars on a train?
    The consist
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