Industrial Revolution 2

  1. More than 80% of which group voted in the 1840 presidential election?
    white males
  2. What is the practice of replacing government emloyees with the winning candidates's supporters?
    the spoils system
  3. What is the term used to describe loyalty to a region?
  4. What was it called when Henry Clay helped get Adams elected as President, but Adams chose Clay as Secretary of State?
    the corupt bargain
  5. A U.S. policy to not interfere with the existing European colonies but would oppose any new ones was call what?
    the Monroe Doctrine
  6. What were the advantages of the canals?
    helped shipping, brought wealth to towns
  7. What are tariffs?
    taxes on imported goods
  8. Explain the Missouri Compromise:
    • No slavery north of 36 degrees, 30 minutes.
    • Missouri enters as a slave state/Maine enters as a free state.
  9. How are present day elections similar to campaigns after 1828?
    mudslinging, BarBQ's, slogans, songs, rallies, buttons
  10. Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in New England?
    poor farming soil, had rushing water to power factories, ports
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