11/15/11 Africa notes

  1. What are the 3 major tribes of Nigeria?
    • Hausa
    • Ibo
    • Yoruba
  2. Where is the Hausa tribe located in Nigeria?
    the North
  3. Where is the Ibo tribe located in Nigeria?
    the SE
  4. Where is the Yoruba tribe located in Nigeria?
    the SW
  5. What is the religion of the Hausa?
  6. Why geographical feature affected the Hausas' religious choice?
    the Sahara Desert because that's where all the Arabs trade
  7. What city in Nigeria was a major Islamic center?
  8. The religion are the Ibo?
  9. Why were the Ibo so well educated?
    because they interacted with the missionaries who were running the hospitals and schools
  10. What natural resource did the Ibo have in their area?
  11. Which Nigerian tribe was the largest?
    the Yoruba
  12. What religion were the Yoruba?
    • "pagans"
    • animistic
  13. When the British decided to give Nigeria their independence what foolish thing did they do?
    the lumped them all together and created the Federation of Nigeria
  14. What was Nigeria supposed to be to the rest of the world?
    an great example of Black Africans running their own country successfully
  15. Who wanted the jobs that the Ibo's had?
    the Hausa
  16. What did the Ibo's say to the Hausa's when they wanted their jobs?
    they said go get educated and then you can apply for the jobs just like anyone else
  17. What two tribes ganged up on the Ibo's?
    • Hausa
    • Yorubas
  18. Why would it have been bad if the Ibo's have succeeded from the Federation of Nigeria?
    they had all the oil
  19. Which two Nigerian tribes were stronger militaristically?
    Hausa and the Yorubas
  20. from what tribe was the general for the army of the Hausa and Yorubas?
    a small little tribe
  21. What did the general for the army of the Hausa and Yoruba decide to do to the Ibos?
    He decided they would defeat them but not kill them
  22. What did the Hausas do to their general after the war?
    they kicked him out of the country and he went to England
  23. When the Hausas got into power in Nigeria what did they want to do with it?
    make it an Islamic state
  24. What is the state of Nigeria now?
    it is a hotbed and no one knows what is going to happen
  25. Who was Kenya originally run by?
    the British
  26. When did Kenya gain it's independence?
    the 1970's
  27. Where did most of the white's live in Kenya?
    the East Africa Highlands
  28. Why did most of the white's live in the East African Highlands?
    because the climate was nicest up in that area
  29. Where was there a lot of Arabic influencing in Kenya?
    the coastline because of trading
  30. What city actually has a decent port in Eastern Africa?
  31. What are the 3 different cultural influences in Kenya?
    • whites
    • Arabs
    • tribal groups
  32. What was the serious rebellion in Kenya?
    the Mau Mau uprising
  33. What happened during the Mau Mau uprising?
    • blacks turned on:
    • whites
    • blacks who catered to whites
  34. What did the British want Kenya to do before they gave them their independence?
    • create a constitution
    • pick out some leaders
    • create a fair electoral system
  35. Who was elected as the first independent leader of Kenya?
  36. What tribe was Kenyatta of?
    the Kikuyu tribe
  37. What about Kenyatta scared the whites?
    he was an ex-Mau Mau who had been in prison
  38. What inspirational thing did Kenyatta tell the people?
    They were no longer determined by their tribe but they were Kenyans
  39. What did Kenyatta tell the whites and Arabs in Kenya?
    you can stay but become citizens
  40. What happened in a year when the Arabs hadn't become citizens?
    Kenyatta kicked them out
  41. What evidence was there that people were starting to trust the Kenyans?
    • people were visiting the Nairobi animal reserve
    • the UN put some headquarters up their
  42. Who was elected after Kenyatta?
    a man from the little tribe of Luawl
  43. What did the Kenyans realize about politics?
    that's where the money was at
  44. What is starting to be the downfall of Kenya?
    • politcal corruption
    • corrupt policeman
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