1. how close can you park to a stop sign
    50 feet
  2. how close may you park to the corner
    25 feet
  3. how close may you park to a fire hydrant
    10 feet
  4. what is the stopping distance on a dry road at 50 mph
    243 feet
  5. proper distance you may park from a curb
    6 inches
  6. serious accidents causing death, injury or $200 damage must be reported to the DMV within
    5 days
  7. points are issued for
    moving violations
  8. What is the penalty for driving with a suspended license-first offense?
    • fine up to 500 dollars
    • 6 months additional suspension
  9. What is the penalty for not telling the truth when applying for a license?
    • 200 dollar fine
    • 6 months imprisonment
  10. what should you do before approaching a yellow signal?
    Slow down, and stop before entering the intersection, if possible
  11. What is the proper lane to turn into when making a left turn?
    the lane nearest the center in the direction you are heading
  12. Where should you position your car to make a left turn from a two way street?
    The lane nearest the center of the road, and turn right before reaching the middle of the road
  13. what is the best advice if you car is trapped in a heavy snow-storm
    stay with your car
  14. What is a good practice when driving in the city?
    check intersections ahead for signals
  15. What must you do if you want to turn left at a traffic light?
    yield to oncoming traffic
  16. Which lights should you be using when driving in fog?
    • low beams
    • fog lights
  17. Yellow center lines would usually be found where?
    on a two way/ no passing road
  18. When may you pass on the right?
    If the car in front is turning left and there is a lane for driving on the right
  19. What does a yellow diamond shaped sign mean?
  20. What direction should you check first when approaching an intersection?
  21. What does a red and white triangular sign mean?

  22. If the lights of oncoming cars are in your eyes, what should you do?
    look to the lower right side of your traffic lane
  23. What should you do if your brakes fail?
    shift to a lower gear and pump your breaks
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