1. What two current African countries were historically Portugal's provinces?
    • Mozambique
    • Angola
  2. Why did people complain about Portugal's provinces?
    because they weren't contiguous
  3. What excuse did Portugal give for having provinces in Africa?
    the US had states that weren't connected to their country
  4. What two African countries were the last to become independent?
    • Mozambique
    • Angola
  5. What European country had a decent policy for Africa?
    Great Britian
  6. What was Britian's policy for Africa?
    the policy of indirect rule
  7. What is the policy of indirect rule?
    all the leaders were British but everyone working underneath them was native
  8. Even thought Britian's policy was decent, what was a problem for the countries they ruled?
  9. What were the 5 African countries that were independent before WWII?
    • Egypt
    • Sudan
    • Liberia
    • Ethiopia
    • South Africa
  10. What was the name for the tie between Egypt and the Sudan?
  11. WHat African country claims to have the longest reign of a family on the throne?
  12. What King supposedly had an illegitamate son with the Queen of Sheba?
  13. Where did Americans send the slaves back to when they wanted to send them back to their roots?
  14. Who is the war in Liberia going on between?
    • The natives
    • the Afro-American slaves
  15. Where did the Brits send their former slaves?
    Sierra Leone
  16. When did most African countries become independent?
    the 1960's
  17. At least how many wars have gone on in the African continent any given year?
    at least 6
  18. How many of all the countries in the world are in Africa?
  19. What is the primary ethnicity in Sahara Africa?
  20. What is the ethnic and liguistic clumping in Sub-Saharan Africa?
    the Sudanese
  21. Where do almost all former American slave's roots go back to?
    Sub-Saharan Africa
  22. Where is Sub-Sahara?
    from hump to horn
  23. Where do the Bantu people live?
    Central and Southern Africa
  24. What is the build of the Bantu people?
    Slight and small
  25. What is the build of the Sudanese people?
    tall and very strong
  26. What people did the Arabs take as slaves?
    the Bantu people
  27. What is the average height of a Pigmie person?
    around 4'
  28. What is the average height of the Watusi?
  29. Why did the Pigmie people always win in the wars against the Watusi?
    Because the Watusi were bigger targets
  30. What is a rather derogatory name for the Bushman?
    hot and tots
  31. What are some characteristics of the Bushman?
    • wear loinclothes
    • are nomadic of semi-nomadic
  32. Where do a lot of whites live in Africa?
    • South Africa
    • Kenya
  33. Where are there a million Indians in Africa?
    South Africa
  34. Where are there a lot of Arabs in Africa?
    • southern part of the eastern coastline
    • Mombasa
  35. Where can't you live in Africa?
    • the deserts
    • the rainforest
  36. Where are the 5 main areas that people populate Africa?
    • the Nile
    • The Northwest corner
    • Southern part of the western hump
    • East African Highlands
    • Southern Africa
  37. how much of the population in Africa is in those special 5 areas?
  38. Where is the source of the Nile?
    a little spring out of a hill in Burundi
  39. What African leader flirted with Communism?
  40. What caused the Nassar Sea to be created?
    The Aswan Dam
  41. What problems were caused by the Nile river being dammed?
    • stopped the flood of nutrients
    • silt is still going to come down and it will fill up the dam
    • the delt is going to fill up with brine
    • it flooded a lot of archeological sites
  42. What is another name for the southern part of the western hump?
    West Africa
  43. Where does West Africa stretch from?
    Senegal to Cameroon
  44. What are some nicknames for West Africa?
    • the Ivory Coast
    • the Gold Coast
  45. What country is number one with population size and density?
  46. How many people did Great Britian count in Nigeria before their independence?
    32 million
  47. How many people actually lived in Nigeria when they got their independence?
    52 million
  48. What country in Africa used to be the biggest till it split recently?
  49. What is currently the biggest country in area in Africa?
  50. What are most industries in Africa?
    cottage industries
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