Chapter 16&17 Terms

  1. surrogate mother
    a woman who is artificially inseminated w the semen of a man
  2. assisted conception
    a pregnancy resulting from fertilizing an egg of a woman w sperm of a man by means other than sexual intercourse
  3. gestational surrogacy
    the sperm and egg of a couple are fertilized in invitro in a laboratory
  4. tort
    a civil wrong
  5. intrafamily tort
    torts committed by one family member against another
  6. loss of consortium
    a tort action for the loss of or the interference w the companionship,love affestion, sexual relationship
  7. parental consortium
    the right of a child to the normal companionship and affection of a parent
  8. loss of services
    a tort action for the loss of or the interference w the right of a parent to the services and earnings
  9. deep pocket
    the person or organization that probably has suffecient resources to pay damages
  10. parental responsibility law
    a statute that imposes vicarious liability on parents for the torts committed by their children
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Chapter 16&17 Terms
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