Health chap 4

  1. What does physical fitness include?
    • cardiovascular fitness
    • muscular strengths
    • flexibility
    • body’s fat verses lean relationship
  2. What is fitness?
    Fitness is the ability of the whole body to work together to the highest level possible.
  3. __________ is the measurement of the fitness of your heart.
    Cardiovascular fitness
  4. rate at which your heart beats, when taken right after awoken
    resting heart rate
  5. Is the volume of blood pumped by the heart in one minuite.
    Cardiac Output
  6. _________ is the measure of the resistance to blood flow in the vessels and the efficiency of circulation
    Blood Pressure
  7. ________is volume of blood the heart pumps at each stroke.
    stroke volume
  8. ___________ is the weight of the muscles of the body
    Lean Body weight
  9. what is aerobic activity an example?
    Aerobic activity is when the body demands more oxgen than normal. Ex Crosscountry
  10. what is an-aerobic activity and an example?
    Short bursst of energy without use of energy. ex track
  11. _________ is when you gradually do more than normal to improve preformance
  12. Add progression
  13. add specific
  14. _________ is exercise program that covers a lot of different exercise programs
  15. Erogenic Aids
    Help improve physical preformance
  16. _________ is way to moniter the intensity of the workout
    target heart rate
  17. When muscles are not used and it decreases in size and strength
  18. _________ is a muscle contraction when no movement involved
  19. _________ is a muscle contraction when no movement involved
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