Chapter 1 Review Q's

  1. What does DAW stand for?
    Digital Audio Wokstation.
  2. What are the two Main factors in A/D conversion?
    Sample rate and bit depth
  3. Daw that rely on the CPU or RAM for audio processing are called?
    Native or host based
  4. Which type of Pro Tools system is not host based?
  5. What is the CD standard sample rate?
    44.1 kHz
  6. what is the CD standard bit depth?
    16 Bit
  7. By how much does the dynamic range increase with each bit added?
  8. What do we call the number of measurements that are periodically taken over the coarse of one second of an audio signal?
    Sample rate
  9. What does the Nyquist-Shannon Theorem state?
    Half the sampling rate is the highest frequency that will be recorded
  10. How many tracks does Pro Tools 9 support right out of the box?
    96 tracks mono or stereo
  11. With the complete tool kit, How many audio tracks does Pro tools support?
    192 mono tracks
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Chapter 1 Review Q's
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